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  1. texag0842

    Thermal / NV advice

    Figure I better run this by everyone before I make a mistake. Thermal - REAP IR 35mm going on my SR25 It will be mostly used for hogs on the rice fields and then up at our ranch for general hunting. I expect to make this purchase between now and 4th of July sale Would everyone also recommend...
  2. texag0842

    MSC Strider - Carbon

    Cross posted 1000 Firm
  3. texag0842

    New - Eotech EXPS FDE

    Wife purchseed this for me from EuroOptics December. Invoice was $571.56 shipped and would like to get $500 out of it. $500 Shipped
  4. texag0842

    ThunderBeast 50% off Cert

    Good morning, Have a Thunderbeast 50% off cert - No expiration $300 shipped Feel free to text me 832-244-7424 or email
  5. texag0842

    Precision Underground Recon/Comp Bag

    Never used - $85
  6. texag0842

    Maven B2 - 9x45 - Like New

    Selling for $900 with Kuiu harness Part Description Price Engraving 30.00 Frame B.2 - Full Size Enhanced - x45 1,000.00 Magnification 9x45 50.00 Body Kryptech Typhon 100.00 Strap Rings Black 0.00 Focus Wheel Black 0.00 Focus Wheel Bottom Blue...
  7. texag0842

    RRS Fortune Cookie

  8. texag0842

    Warhorse Comanche

  9. texag0842

    KAC 5.56 MAMS

    New in box $290
  10. texag0842

    Cyke PRS legs

    Cyke PRS legs $150
  11. texag0842

    Hawk Hill Data Card

    Hawk Hill Data Card Holder $90
  12. texag0842

    Bushnell LMSS - Horus - Rail

    Have a like new Bushnell LMSS w/Horus reticle for sale. This also includes the $350 rail system and I will also include the RRS plate. $1250 Shipped
  13. texag0842

    ESP Stealths

    Has anything changed or are the ESP Stealths still the best for custom electronic protection?
  14. texag0842

    1/4x20 to RRS Anvil

    Quick question for those using the Outdoorsman stud and bino adapter. What plate are you using to go from 1/4x20 to Arca Swiss/RRS dovetail. After this weekend's match I realize that I need to move to a better setup than what I currently have...
  15. texag0842

    Steel Safari 2019

    James and I are heading up to Steel Safari from Houston. Figured I'd start a thread with photos and video of the match. Looks like we're heading into some rough weather. @jap1547 @tman300wm @Stevo3556
  16. texag0842

    WTT: JP Gift Certificate

    Picked up a JP gift certificate on the prize table. $250 off next purchase Would like to trade for: Lapua 6.5CM brass - New
  17. texag0842

    AI Flat Trigger

    Jason at Euro hooked me up with the flat trigger. Finally getting it installed before this weekends PRS
  18. texag0842

    S&B 5-20 Ultra Short - ST - MSR

    Any feedback from those who have owned the 5-20US. Looking to pick up the 5-20US with Spuhr mount. Only negative I've heard is the clicks are a little close on the single turn. Will be going on an SR25 E2 PC (APC)
  19. texag0842

    Primal Rights - Competition Primer Seater

    Any reviews on this? Waiting on a Prometheus to show up and during my research ran across this. Not worried about the price just on the function.