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  1. BJames

    Whatever happened to the Minox md 60/80 zr spotter’s?

    Had an opportunity to use one last summer pretty extensively for , all of A day, really enjoyed it. That said, they seem to be ghosts now days. What gives?
  2. BJames

    Athlon tracking?

    Tried a few search’s here, but didn’t come up with much. I’m delving into the rimfire world on a CZ platform and can’t decide between SWFA 10x and athlon lower priced optic. I have experience with SWFA, mine tracks like a beast (it’s committed to another project-luring a new shooter into our...
  3. BJames

    338 Lapua - IMR 8133 & 285 ELD-M’s

    Hey all, Since I’m more likely to find a pot of gold over N570, I’m looking at 8133 as a substitute. Looking for experiences, not necessarily specific load data. Any one try this combo? What speeds have you seen if so? Thanks!
  4. BJames

    Any magical elixirs for removing carbon build up from muzzle?

    Just like the title says, what are guys using? I’ve been soaking with hoppes 9 and scrubbing with a nylon brush. That takes awhile, I’m looking for something easier. Also, I’m 100% suppressed.
  5. BJames

    6x47 Lapua, 115 dtac's in a 1-8?

    Pretty much what the title says. Looking for info, more so if they'd stay stable out to 1k, but also curious if Varget's been used with these or if it's pretty much something slower like 4451? I'm using a 26" bartlein, suppressed, chambered by PVA, average DA's I shoot in are between -2000 to...