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    Looking for a 34mm 30moa scope mount, does it exist? Could you go 30MOA Picatinny riser and separate 34mm rings? I know Badger Ordinance makes a 22MOA riser. Badger also makes a 1 piece mount w. 20MOA cant...
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    Help Me Decide: ATACR vs. PMII vs. Razor

    ZCO 527 5-27x56 w. MPCT2 or MPCT3 Tangent Theta TT525P 5-25x56 w. Gen 2XR or Gen 3XR S&B PMII 5-25x56, 3-27x56 High Power, or 5-45x56 High Power
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    Anyone ever use their illumination?

    Out of all the hunts I have been on, over 30+ years, I have only needed illumination three times. But those three times, it was invaluable to make a successful hunt.
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    6.5 Sherman Short

    I love my 6.5SSs. One pushes a 156 @ 2975fps, the other pushes a 150 SMK @ 3038fps. Look at the ballistics of the 150 SMK and you will be pleasantly surprised. And they HAMMER game.
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    6.5 Sherman Short

    What about 7mm 184 Hyb F Open or 190 LR Hyb vs. 6.5mm 153.5 LR Hyb or 156 Elite?
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    6.5 Sherman Short

    I am actually running H1000 in my 25SST. I will have to look at my load data for charge weight, but I am well below max in my rifle, and getting 3230+ suppressed. H1000 has a good density fill, and is super temp stable which is what I was after. I am sure N565 would wring out the speed, but I...
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    6.5 Sherman Short

    I have run them in both of my 1:7.5" barrels, a couple others, and even two 1:7" 6.5SAUMs. They all have shot amazingly. Ran them up to 3100ish with no problems out to 1200+. Berger states "1:8" minimum". "Minimum" and "optimal" are two different things. I have shot them in some 1:8"...
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    6.5 Sherman Short

    I have been running the 144 LR Hyb and 156 Elite in my two new 6.5SSs. Both are crazy accurate. My 26" 1:7.5" 6.5SS is pushing the 144 Hyb @ 3086fps for my most accurate load. Even my fire forming loads @ 2977fps are ridiculously accurate. My 20" 1:7.5" was originally built to run the...
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    Looking for a scope, but don’t know what

    For $1500, in the used arena, that puts you up there in quality. Watch the classifieds here. Used Premier Heritage Light Tactical 3-15×50 Used NF NXS 3.5-15×50 Used Leupold Mark 5 3.6-18×44...
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    Used glass options?

    Isn't Nikon getting out of the scope business?
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    Used glass options?

    I bought a Vortex Strike Eagle last year for my daughter's 6.5CM. 3-18×44, but I think it is discontinued. Great scope for $300ish.
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    Tangent theta where to buy?

    Richard at CS Tactical can, and will, hook you up. I have purchased 5 scopes from him.
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    Used glass options?

    If you have anything like a 3-9 now, use it for 400 yards. Save your pennies until you can really step up in quality, like $800+. Heck, I shot my pronghorn last year at 450ish on 7x, and shot a coyote in March at 921 on 7x too.
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    Recommendations On a 3-15 Under $1k

    That is exactly what you said.
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    Recommendations On a 3-15 Under $1k

    "New 4-20 ZCO for a couple hundo more" than a used K318i? Show me where, and I will buy The OP is asking "under $1k". $3500 new price is no where in that ballpark, or even the same league. You are comparing Little League World Series to the MLB here.
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    DIY Mule Deer

    Archery in most units in AZ, no rifle OTC tags though.
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    What's your daily CC gun?

    Finally got my new CC all set up.
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    Hunting scope recommendation

    SWFA 3-15×42 for the price range is hard to beat. Is illumination needed? I have hunted for 30+ years. Only "NEEDED" illumination twice. But, without it, would not have two of my animals I took. But all my scopes except my Premier Heritage Light Tactical on my AR have illuminated reticles...
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    Berger 156gr EOL Elite Hunter Opinions

    I personally think a 6.5CM or .260 Rem is more suited to a 130-140ish bullet weight class. My daughter shoots a 6.5SLR (similar to a .260 Rem case with neck/shoulder of a 6.5x47L) w. 130 Berger OTM (or AR Hyb) @ 2900 from a 22" Proof. Last year, she took a pronghorn broadside in his bed at...