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    WTB: STI 5" 45ACP, Double Stack

    Interested in a STI 5", 45ACP Double Stack if anyone has one - reasonably priced ;). Edge would be nice.
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    WTS: Gen 1, STI 126mm, 9mm/38Super, 10rnd magazines

    Like the title says . . . I have three of these. Came with a used STI Edge 9mm that I bought. Less than 50rnds thru each. Flawless feeding. Perfect for those living in states with magazine capacity restrictions (poor bastids! ), or for those wanting to shoot in the Limited 10 competitions...
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    Long(er) Range .22RF Shooting

    An area club just sent a flyer out announcing a .22RF league that will run thru the summer. What made the flyer interesting is that the course of fire will be at 300yds at metallic knockdown buffalo targets. Having yet to shoot my Vudoo at any substantial distance let alone metallic targets @...
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    SOLD: Christensen MPR Chassis, Desert Brown, SA

    Plans changed. I've had this Christensen Arms Desert Brown MPR S/A chassis, w/17" forend for quite a while. Had plans for it, but have gone another direction. This chassis is NIB. Never mounted, taken out of the box once upon receiving it. Screws and instructions are still in the sealed...
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    Another Rimfire Bolt Gun

    Just came across this. Looks like Bighorn (Zermatt) is getting to the 700 footprint rimfire bolt gun game. No pricing list - unfortunately.
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    Manner's Stocks Popularity

    What is the most popular Manner's adjustable stock on the PRS circuit? T2A, T4A, T6A, PRS2 or 2?
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    Remington 700 Bolt Lift

    I'm at wits end. I own my fair share, and then some, of Rem 700s. Most, if not all, have been customized/modified in some way, shape, or form (re-stocked, bolt fluted, re-barreled. etc.) What holds true for each and every one is that the bolt lift is horrible. Not extraction, but bolt lift...