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  1. SPAK

    Kestrel 4500nv sold

    Used but it good condition kestrel 4500nv 115.00 shipped conus SOLD
  2. SPAK

    Wilcox g4 mounts for sale SOLD

    Have two Wilcox mounts for sale 380.00 shipped Each conus
  3. SPAK

    FS: PVA TL3 rock creek 6mm dasher 1:7

    Have a PVA 6mm dasher barrel for sale: Stainless 26” marksman contour 5/8x24 Threads with thread protector 1:7 twist Exactly 90 rounds from fire forming and break in. barrel is accurate, I have two Dashers and I’m selling this one for a project. 425.00 shipped conus Pm for questions.
  4. SPAK

    Precision armament accuwashers?

    Anyone used precison armament accuwashers washers?? If you have any extra ones in 5/8x24 around .050” or .100” thick that you are not using I just need one for an experiment. Will pay postage and for the washer. Thanks!
  5. SPAK

    Obt quickload and monolithic solids

    Has anyone used OBT with solids successfully? Do you guys change the start pressure when calculating obt loads? Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. SPAK

    Wolf match target .22 lr 1750 rounds Alaska only

    Have 3 1/2 bricks of wolf match target .22lr (1750 rounds) all same lot. Sold the rifle I shot it in and the buyer didn’t want it. 165.00 local sale in anchorage, matsu valley area 185.00 shipped rest of AK.
  7. SPAK

    Fs area 419 sidewinder sold

    Area419 sidewinder .338 cal 5/8x24, black nitride. Has only had 10 rounds on it. Still looks new. I only shoot with a can so it’s been used as a thread protector and I don’t need it. 170 shipped obo SOLD
  8. SPAK

    WTB t1x krg bravo

    Anyone have one they’re looking to sell?
  9. SPAK

    Swfa 1-4 tactical arc m10 xtra high price drop

    For sale Swfa tactical mounted in arc m10 xtra high rings 455 shipped price drop 420.00 shipped will separate only if scope sells first.
  10. SPAK

    Tikka t1x and ss sparrow issue?

    Does Anyone running a SS sparrow suppressor on a t1x notice the back of the can doesn’t meet the shoulder or the barrel??? Anyone have repeatability/accuracy issues at all?
  11. SPAK

    Quickload update 2020

    Anyone know what’s new in the feb 2020 quickload update?
  12. SPAK

    Wts/Wtt arc m10 34mm low for 30mm lows

    Looking to trade a set of arc m10 34mm 24s for 30mm 24s will also consider selling the 34mm lows as well but prefer straight trade first.
  13. SPAK

    FS Wilcox L4 nvg mount SOLD

    Like new Coyote Wilcox L4 NVG breakaway mount for sale. 375.00 shipped SOLD
  14. SPAK

    WTB stripped gen glock 19 frame

    Looking for gen 3 g19 oem frame stripped. anyone got one they want to part with?
  15. SPAK

    WTS/wtt AICS 300 win mag 5rnd magazine sold

    lightly used 300 win mag 5 round magazine AICS branded. 80.00 shipped obo price drop 70.00 shipped SOLD Will also trade for accurate or AICS 3.850 cip Lapua mag 5 round magazine.
  16. SPAK

    WTB 338 Lapua AICS 5 round magazine

    Looking for a AICS/accurate 5 round 338 Lapua cip 3.850” magazine
  17. SPAK

    Tikka t1x 17hmr setup question

    Need a little assistance from t1x owners. Looking to buy a t1x in 17hmr topping it off with a vortex diamond back tactical 6-25x50 on a 30 moa rail. questions: can I still obtain a 25-50 yard zero with the 30 moa base with the 6-24 or is it better to go with a 15moa base and keep the erector...
  18. SPAK

    Wtb arc m10 30mm low rings

    Looking for a set of arc m10 30mm lows. thanks.
  19. SPAK

    Lra Vs Tbac bipod

    Been using two LRA bipods for a few years now and really like them. Interested in the tbac bipod for a hunting setup. Any users that have experience with both? I’ve found it hard to find a bipod with equal stability to the LRA but there are some ergonomic features that I see in the tbac that are...
  20. SPAK

    Bighorn Tl3/origin standard bolt head

    Very lightly used standard bolt head CrN. 100.00 shipped. New .223,bolt head CrN 115.00 shipped sold New magnum bolt head CrN 150.00 shipped SOLD