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    Mossberg MVP Patrol 308 re- barrel to 358 Winchester

    I'm thinking about getting a Mossberg MVP Patrol in 308 and having it rebarrelled to 358 Winchester for something different. Will use on hogs, deer etc. with a thermal on top. Any thoughts I should consider? I can get in this for about $750 total. $500 for rifle and $250 to rebarrel.
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    WTB Mossberg MVP Scout 308

    Looking for the Scout version due to the longer Picatinny rail, but would consider the Patrol model in 308 only.
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    Mossberg line of Rifles- Houston

    Who in the Houston area carries the entire line of Mossberg rifles? I've checked Bass Pro and Academy and neither carries the entire line, only 1 or 2. Thanks.
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    WTS Winchester Model 70 Super Express .375 H&H

    Looking to sell a "G" serial numbered Winchester Model 70 Super Express in .375 H&H magnum in great shape. Have the front and rear sights and original mount and rings available. Have installed muzzle break. Located in the Houston area. $700 Open to trades.
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    130 Gr. Berger VLD in 270 Win

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to handle the seating off the lands using these? I have been running 150 Gr. Barnes TSX in another rifle and running them .01" off the lands with very good results. Should I handle the Bergers any different? Berger sent me some load info from their manual...
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    Wounded Veterans charity in the Houston Tx area

    Anyone have any idea what a good charity in the Houston area would be that caters to wounded veterans? Since the WWP has been shown to be an anti-gun organization I am seeking another local charity. We make donations every Christmas in the names of the adults in our family to charity and give...
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    .22 Recommendations

    A buddy of mine is looking for a used .22 rifle for his daughter that will shoot .22 short, long and long rifle rounds interchangably. It needs to be a bolt action with a tube feed. Any ideas what brand and model he should look into?
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    Loading for a Remington 742 in 30.06

    Anyone have any thoughts on loading for an old 742? I am going to load Barnes 200gr. TSX to 3.28" (Rem. 220gr. OAL 3.28" have been tested and do cycle reliably and are quite accurate). Will be using Win 1X fired brass and Win primers. Any idea what type of powder to consider? The Barnes...
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    Should I re-blue or not.....

    I have an '80's vintage Winchester Super Express in 375 H&H. It is presently up at a friends and I have heard through the grapevine that its been neglected to the point that it has some rust areas on the barrel, bottom metal and receiver. A friend told me that it also is showing different...
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    When to tumble?

    Just got a Lyman 1200 and the instruction manual isn't clear. Do I tumble prior to brass prep and then again after brass prep....or.... tumble post brass prep and then again once primer, powder and bullet is seated and round is ready to be fired. Is is OK to tumble ready to fire ammo? I'll...
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    Which trigger group would you recommend?

    I have a Parker Hale 1200 in 270 Win, which I believe has the action of an FN Mauser. The trigger breaks crisp, but seems a bit heavy to me. I really like this rifle for hunting, but would like to get a new trigger group for it. I just got my most accurate load dialed in with Barnes TSX 150...
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    So I finally shot my first rifle reloads.....

    I followed the Lyman 49th Edition to the letter. I am shooting a Parker Hale 1200 270 Win., OAL 3.34". Using H4831sc powder, Win brass and primers along with 130 gr Barnes TTSX, and using between 52 gr to 58 grs of powder was able to string 5 shot groups anywhere between 4 moa to 1 moa (55...
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    Ridges on shoulder?

    Just got finished resizing and decapping my once shot brass and noticed a series of ridges around the shoulder of my Win silver colored brass and on the regular brass. Whats up with this? Was using RCBS water soluable lube and a Co-ax with Forster dies on a 270Win. Its my first atempt at this...
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    Pet loads for 270 Win?

    Anyone have any they care to share? Will be used for hunting with Barnes and Nosler bullets.
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    Elcan Mount

    Looking to purchase a new or used one. Any idea where to find one?
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    Which rings would you suggest,,,,PICS UP

    I'll be mounting a Swaro, 1" tube on a Parker Hale 270 Win bolt gun. The PH has a different looking set of bases than the normal Weavers I am use to seeing. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Which upper for deer and pig hunting?

    Got a AR-15 Bushy lower ready to go, but can't decide on which upper to put on it for deer and pig hunting out to no more than 200 yards. Anyone have any thoughts?