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  1. SPAK

    Kestrel 4500nv sold

    Sorry it’s been sold.
  2. SPAK

    Kestrel 4500nv sold

    Used but it good condition kestrel 4500nv 115.00 shipped conus SOLD
  3. SPAK

    Wilcox g4 mounts for sale SOLD

    Have two Wilcox mounts for sale 380.00 shipped Each conus
  4. SPAK

    FS: PVA TL3 rock creek 6mm dasher 1:7

    Have a PVA 6mm dasher barrel for sale: Stainless 26” marksman contour 5/8x24 Threads with thread protector 1:7 twist Exactly 90 rounds from fire forming and break in. barrel is accurate, I have two Dashers and I’m selling this one for a project. 425.00 shipped conus Pm for questions.
  5. SPAK

    Wait for PVA or....?

    I’ve been a pva customer since the start of the company and I have been more than pleased with them. From full rifle builds, prefits, custom barreled actions, muzzle brakes etc. I’ve had it all. Even barrels and actions from other smiths that were problem children for me they have always found...
  6. SPAK

    Precision armament accuwashers?

    Honestly I’m just trying an experiment with a large muzzle brake with a locking collar on a thin profile muzzle. It’s just enough that the collar doesn’t shoulder. I wanted to try a precison washer that’s between about .050” or so and see if I can make it shoulder up properly. I’ll check the...
  7. SPAK

    New Hunting Bullets Available

    literally all the issues went away...... I almost sold the barrel but I’m glad I didn’t. josh did some pva magic and it’s a solid performer now.
  8. SPAK

    New Hunting Bullets Available

    Just to clarify, I rechecked my notes and gave the wrong coal for that initial creedmoor load. This the correct load info: Peterson brass Cci 200 122gr Cayuga 2.850” Below is a picture of 4 shot group at 330 yards with the same load. I think with some fine tuning it’ll shoot pretty well.
  9. SPAK

    New Hunting Bullets Available

    I’m pushing 140s 3050fps from the Saum right now, and I think most guys are getting around 3200fps with 130gr Bullets. I anticipate 3300-3400fps with the 122s but we’ll see.
  10. SPAK

    Precision armament accuwashers?

    Anyone used precison armament accuwashers washers?? If you have any extra ones in 5/8x24 around .050” or .100” thick that you are not using I just need one for an experiment. Will pay postage and for the washer. Thanks!
  11. SPAK

    New Hunting Bullets Available

    primer is cci 200 I can also say this load wasn’t even fine tuned yet. I literally took a WAG and threw it together. I was super impressed right off the bat. I am about to try them out in my 6.5 saum in the next week or so and see what kind of Accuracy velocities I can get. If it’s anything...
  12. SPAK

    Obt quickload and monolithic solids

    Has anyone used OBT with solids successfully? Do you guys change the start pressure when calculating obt loads? Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
  13. SPAK

    New vortex razor lh 30mm tube?

    Been out hunting snow shoe hares with mine lately and personally I was Glad to have a sfp reficle. Most of the shots were on low power 3x-6x and being able to see the reticle on the low end was perfect. I would like to see a ffp option but really i’m quite happy with it as it is. Will...
  14. SPAK

    Swfa 1-4 tactical arc m10 xtra high price drop

    Rgr... scope spf to 702lineman.