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  1. Basher

    WTB Kidd 2-stage 1.5-2lb trigger for 10/22

    Tired of getting jerked around on these, so I’m putting a want ad out. Looking for a Kidd 2-stage for my 10/22 build. Needs to be a black housing. I highly prefer a black trigger as well though won’t turn down a red one at the right price, and I’m not partial to curved or flat triggers, both...
  2. Basher

    Watch your mailboxes, people.

    Some asshole stole the Kidd trigger I bought here out of my mailbox this past Saturday. I didn’t get tracking info until the Monday after, presumably because Verizon also sucks donkey balls, but when I checked it, it showed the trigger was delivered Saturday at 2:10. I got home from the store...
  3. Basher

    *SOLD!* Bergara B14R barreled action w/ two rails & mag

    *SOLD LOCALLY* Well, from the information I have so far, it appears I had a nice $300 Kidd 2-stage trigger get stolen out of my mailbox last week, which changes things on my end some. I had planned to keep this for myself and eventually let the wife run a 10/22, but I need to recover from that...
  4. Basher

    WTT Sig Tango6 4-24x50 Dev-L mrad for Vortex Razor Gen2 4.5-27x56 EBR-7C mrad

    Well, I just got a Strike Eagle 5-25x56 EBR-7C, and I have to say, my initial impressions have me quite impressed! As such, I wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone would be interested in trading my my Tango6 (graphite color) for a Razor Gen2. The Tango has been super nice so far...
  5. Basher

    WTS Hornady 6.5CM 140gr ELD-M FTF in PHX/Chandler, AZ *$ Drop!*

    I have one case (200rnds) of Hornady 6.5CM 140gr ELD-M ammo for sale. Not looking to ship right now, so FTF in the Chandler, AZ area. I paid $240 for it from TargetSportsUSA, so that’s what I’m asking. Price is firm, no trades. Any questions, just ask. I’ll post the lot number and a photo in a...
  6. Basher

    WTS/WTT 2x Bushnell LRTS 4.5-18x44 G3 mrad (one black/illum., one FDE/non-illum.)

    I’m looking to sell or trade two Bushnell LRTS 4.5-18x44 G3 mrad scopes, one illuminated in black and the other non-illuminated in FDE. Both include the box, manual, and sun shade. The illuminated version will come with a new battery, and the FDE model comes with a set of Vortex Defender flip...
  7. Basher

    JP Target pad, Vortex Sparc II, ADM T1/T2 mount, TD iO T2 FDE cover, Glock 9mm mags, Bushy DMR/XRS I.O.T.A.

    I have the following for sale. All are in excellent, almost new (some ARE new!) condition, and prices include Priority shipping.No trades please and thank you! Items are cross-posted. The first “I’ll take it” in the ad followed by a PM gets it. Thanks! JP target adjustable butt pad for MagPul...
  8. Basher

    Bergara HMR grey/black stock for R700 SA - SOLD!

    *SOLD!* Got this in the other day with a B14R, and have had a chance to check it out. While this is an excellent stock, for the sake of continuity across platforms I'll be using a Bravo instead. This is brand new and includes the AICS style bottom metal and action screws. I'm looking for $350...
  9. Basher

    PX rant: “Claim item in the ad, then PM” BS!

    ***DISCLAIMER: I am not asking Frank or other mods to step in here, merely ranting to raise awareness and get it off my chest.*** I see this posted frequently on forums, but it’s rarely followed, and it’s incredibly frustrating. Sellers, why are you setting stipulations for your ads, and then...
  10. Basher

    WTB Timney CE 2-stage R700 or Geissele Super700

    Like the title says, I’m looking for a Timney Calvin Elite 2-stage trigger for an R700, or a Geissele Super 700. Let me know what you’ve got!
  11. Basher

    *SOLD!* SWFA SS 10x42M Mil-Quad w/ sunshade and zero stop shims *$300!*

    *SOLD!* Looking to let this bad boy go as I have a replacement for it on the way. This is in excellent condition overall. Glass is perfect, no ring marks that I can see (EDIT: I did find some very faint marks and a scratch on the objective I forgot about while taking photos). Includes a sun...
  12. Basher

    WTB FN TBM 10rnd mags

    Like the title says, I’m looking for 10rnd .308 FN mags for this TBM system. I may consider 5rnd mags for the right price, but I’m really looking for the 10 rounders. Let me know what you’ve got. Thanks!
  13. Basher

    FOUND, thanks!

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a used KRG Bravo (black or FDE highly preferred, may consider green for the right price). The addition of the butt hook cover, tool less adjustable butt pad, spigot, or weighted spacers would be a plus, but I'm happy with a base model as well. Let me know...
  14. Basher

    *SOLD!* Anarchy Outdoors/Samb300 AIAT Picatinny spigot

    *SOLD!* Sold my AI awhile back, and it’ll probably be awhile before I can afford another, so I’m selling the leftover accessories. First is the Anarchy Outdoors picatinny spigot for the AI AT. These total $135 after tax (stupid internet tax... ? ) and shipping. Buy mine, brand new and STILL...
  15. Basher

    SOLD Beretta 92G Elite II w/ 11 mags (three factory bumpers, two 20rnds, etc!) $1100! Trades updated!

    *SOLD!* I have for sale a gorgeous Beretta 92G Elite II model. Low round count (less than 3000), so it’s seen (and shows some) use but not abuse. Trigger breaks clean in DA and SA, all controls work as they should. She’s an accurate shooter, too! Included is the factory blue case, and a total...
  16. Basher

    Delete - double tap!

    Double tap!
  17. Basher

    *SOLD!* Foundation Exodus “user” w/ Hawkins DBM & bipod rail

    I picked this up exactly two weeks ago, and while I’ve always wanted to try a Foundation and would love to keep this, it turns out I’d need to do some inletting to make my oversized recoil lug fit. It’s factory inlet for an Impact short action, but the prior owner (nexusfire here on the boards)...
  18. Basher

    *SOLD!* Surefire M300C (tan) w/ Arisaka 45* SSM MLOK, UE-07, ST07, LCS Mk1 MLOK

    *SOLD!* A few quick bits of business: Shipping is included in the price. The first “I’ll take it” posted IN THE THREAD has dibs. No trades. Any questions, just ask! I’m selling a new Surefire M300C (500lumens) tan light. I can’t seem to find the box, but the light w/ factory picatinny mount...
  19. Basher

    Accuracy vs. Precision

    For your enjoyment. Or discussion. Or whatever the hell you guys wanna do with this, since it probably applies to some of you... :ROFLMAO:
  20. Basher

    *SOLD!* Atlas PSR w/ Area419 ARCA Lock adapter & barrier stop *Pics Up!*

    *SOLD!* While you can never have too many bipods, I find I prefer my CAL over the PSR, so I’m letting this guy go. It’s been used, obviously, but is in excellent condition and functions like new! Looking for $315 shipped and insured. No trades at this time, please. Thanks!