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  1. BigDaddy0381

    WTB Spuhr QDP-3006

    let me know if you have an extra. Thanks
  2. BigDaddy0381

    Gray Ops mini plate sold

    Have one for sale, $140 shipped. Used once then put away to collect dust. So it has oil on it in pics from dust wipe down Pm with questions PayPal FF or you cover fees.
  3. BigDaddy0381

    Ares BTR 2.5-15x50's #212002 sold sold sold

    I have a basically new Ares BTR 2.5-15x50's #212002 for sale. It was mounted and stuck in the safe. Asking $345 shipped and insured with the seekins rings in original scope box Pm with question Paypa FF or you cover fees.
  4. BigDaddy0381


    I have a new in pack 338 BA brake for the 338 ultra. $145 shipped and insured. First ill take it on thread gets it. PayPal FF.
  5. BigDaddy0381

    Cole tac bags F/S

    I have a new large big boss in OD green for $32 shipped. I also have. Cole tac trap bag with the one tac back bone with a pic rail mount. $125 shipped PM with question.
  6. BigDaddy0381

    Peterson 308 SRP brass

    I have 30 new and 15 once fired cases for sale. $30 shipped. Not on factory box. PP F&F is ok.
  7. BigDaddy0381


    I have 150 count 190gr ICBM target bullets. I'll take $125 shipped fort all 150. Paypal F&F. Pm for any questions. The specs on the bullets 190gr 1.578 OAL .670BC
  8. BigDaddy0381

    MPA Roating Barricade stop (older but new)

    I have one new for sale $42 shipped. I got it with a new chassis I bought thru MPA a few yrs ago and it has been sitting around. PP F&F
  9. BigDaddy0381


    I have used like new walkers in ear hearing protection NOT BT for sale. All items that came in box plus a few batteries. $85 shipped. Can text pics pm number. These work great, I just upgraded to the westone DX3's. Can do FF PP
  10. BigDaddy0381

    Chaos 2-Person tent and footprint FS

    I have a ALPS Mountaineering Chaos 2-Person tent and the foot print. It was used once on a 3 day trip. No rain was 20 degrees tent is like new in pack with rain flap, and all that come with.. Just to heavy for my AT trips so selling to get something a little lighter. $155 shipped.
  11. BigDaddy0381

    DefendEar DX3 Westone My new ear protection

    If this is a no, no Sorry. I'm not paid by them or anything I just really dig there in ear stuff. Ok, I have fought off the custom in ear bug for a long long time. While at shot show this year I came across Westone/Cens booth. I stopped and chatted with for a few minutes and all was well. I was...
  12. BigDaddy0381


    New in pack $65 shipped or trade for 30MM rings in med or high.
  13. BigDaddy0381

    XD 45 mag Sold

    I have this mag forsale. $20shipped. PayPal. I dont know much about it. It was in a box of stuff I bought.
  14. BigDaddy0381


    I have 363 new and 32 once fired (neck sized and tumbled in nutshell) Kinetic Industries I also have 133 once fired GFL from prime 175gr loaded ammo (neck sized and tumbled in nutshell) 528 cases in all $130 shipped with tracking. paypal or PM with questions.
  15. BigDaddy0381


    Is good to go.
  16. BigDaddy0381


    I have 1 Impact Data Bookswith Covers - New I got a month ago and not going to use $45 shipped FF paypal first I take it here gets it comes with assorted target pages and dividers. Link to where I bought it for pics...
  17. BigDaddy0381


    I have 3 weights and screws for sale. $70 shipped
  18. BigDaddy0381

    1 TBAC brake

    I have 2 30cal brake in 5/8-24 for sale $100 each shipped no factory box or washers
  19. BigDaddy0381


    I have a brand new M-lok barricade stop for ACC chassis with round face for sale.$30 shipped.
  20. BigDaddy0381

    Sold Harris bipod

    I have a Harris bipod with leveling leaver/pod lock and hawk Hill feet notched legs $135 shipped. Will ship 1/2