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  1. bigjake83

    Semi-Auto 6.5 CM w/ $6K Budget

    And I can verify that!
  2. bigjake83

    KAC SR25 challenge!!!

    I'm not sure about the KAC Large Frame Barrel extensions but if they are proprietary to your bolt just send the old shotout Barrel to whoever you want to make your new barrel and they will cannibalize the extension off your old Barrel for the new one.
  3. bigjake83

    JP Silent Capture Spring in KAC SR-25 - Problem!

    Cut the spacer! That's what JP will tell you to do.
  4. bigjake83

    Triggertech AR10 Diamond... Pure SEX!

    They are two completely different animals I got rid of my last High-Speed National Match last year when I converted over to the AR Gold Triggers. The HSNM has the bulk of it's pull weight in the first stage and the Triggertech and AR Gold are the opposite.
  5. bigjake83

    Triggertech AR10 Diamond... Pure SEX!

    Just received this beauty, the fit and finish and attention to detail is absolutely outstanding!!! Installation was easy and straightforward, the pull weight adjustment has a very clean tactile feel and audible. The trigger easily reaches it's advertised pull weights. You feel no...
  6. bigjake83

    KAC SR25 challenge!!!

    @KimberGuy has been her since the beginning and his reputation is well known. He is the winner!!
  7. bigjake83

    KAC SR25 challenge!!!

    Good shooting Brother!! And congrats Shoot me a PM with your info and I'll get your Money Order out to you.
  8. bigjake83

    WTS: Timney AR10 Competition Trigger

    Yes it's a Timney trigger that is set to Seekins specs at 3lbs and it's curved. If you were to buy this trigger from anywhere else it would come to you set at 4 lb but seekins has them customized for their SP-10.
  9. bigjake83

    Nemo XO Carbon vs JP LRP-07

    Unless you're dead set on buying on those two I would also suggest looking at Seekins SP-10 in 6.5CM Easley a 1/2 MOA Rig with top shelf customer support.
  10. bigjake83

    Nemo XO Carbon vs JP LRP-07

    This all day^^^^ I've personally dealt with the customer support from Nemo, I'd go JP for sure if those are your only two options. Also if Nemo is giving you a dealer discount then so will JP
  11. bigjake83

    New JP Semi-Monolithic LRI-20 Large Frame Upper

    What's your length of pull with that law tactical folder?? It has to over 15"
  12. bigjake83

    TriggerTech AR-10’s

    I can help you send me a PM