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    NIB Predatobr

    NIB Larue Predatobr, no wait. If you buy from Larue prepare to wait 6 weeks to a year. This gun comes one of three ways, 20" .308 unfired 18" .308 with 200 rds 118lr on the barrel 22" 260 rem with 200 rds on the barrel and 200rds 130 gr prime plus the fired brass Got two rifles, this one has...
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    AN/AVS-10 quadtubes

    ANVIS-10 Panoramic NVG. (Listing reposted because of a mistake in the description, which I was politely notified of) Tubes are clean. Image is excellent. I do not have spec sheets for these tubes but the AVS-10 utilizes specialized Gen 3 16mm tubes. While the performance is noticeably lower...
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    Opinions for multiple “rack grade” Ar purchase

    If you wanted to buy five or so rifles to store for the future as an investment and serious use how would you do it? Looking to stay on the “efficient frontier” of quality and low cost. One side says go and buy all colt oem 2, some alg rails and whatever stocks and call it good. Another...
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    Timney SCAR Trigger for sale

    Bought new, shot 250 rds in prep and at a DMR Match, gonna stick with two stage since its my only single stage trigger out of the whole flock. 260 shipped PP ff or venmo. Thanks for looking
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    Custom drag curve for Prime 6.5 CM?

    Is anyone using the Norma Diamond AB curve for the Prime 6.5 Creedmoor? I cant tell if the diamond is just a coated version of the golden target, if so does it dope the same? If AB makes a curve for the golden target that would be great.
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    Why are AI prefit barrels more than tikka, rpr?

    Title says it all. AI prefit barrels are always more from the main sources, starting at 700 vs 525 or so for a rpr replacement. why is this?