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  1. Crazyeddie46

    WTB Sig P365 12 rd mags original 365 NOT the XL

    WTB sig P365 12 rd mags (2 or 3) for original 365 NOT the XL.
  2. Crazyeddie46

    WTT 2x sig p365 10 rd with pinky extension mags

    WTT 2x sig p365 10 rd with pinky extension mags. Would like to trade for 2x 12 rd sig p365 mags. I don’t have the packages they came in but have only been to the range and used maybe twice. They work as they should and are in great shape.
  3. Crazyeddie46

    WTT eberlestock X31 LODRAG II PACK for kuiu venture 2300

    WTT eberlestock X31 LODRAG II PACK for kuiu venture 2300.
  4. Crazyeddie46

    WTB area 419 silencer co omega suppressor adapter

    Like title states looking to buy area 419 silencer co omega suppressor adapter. Pm me if you have one your willing to sell. Thank you
  5. Crazyeddie46

    WTT 2 accuracy 1st levels for tan send it level

    Want to trade 2 accuracy 1st levels for tan send it level. Both accuracy 1st are 34 mm, one in tan and one black. Tan level has tritium insert. If your interested just shoot me a pm. Thanks for looking.
  6. Crazyeddie46

    WTB Area 419 interchangeable funnel heads ( 25 cal, 6.5)

    WTB Area 419 interchangeable funnel heads ( 25 cal, 6.5)
  7. Crazyeddie46

    SOLD 458 socom complete upper with mag

    Have a complete 458 socom upper with lancer mag. Has approximately 50 rds on it. Asking $shipped
  8. Crazyeddie46

    SOLD chargemaster 1500

    Wts a used but in good shape chargemaster 1500. Has one small spot on cord were a mouse chewed a little. Asking $ tyd
  9. Crazyeddie46

    Sold please delete

    Selling used 6.5 Creedmoor barrel for Curtis vector. 24.5 in m24 Bartlein 1:8 twist. It had 300 rds before I set it to the vector action. I have 125 on the new chamber. Asking $375 tyd
  10. Crazyeddie46

    WTB Ferro concepts slingster

    WTB Ferro concepts slingster any color but black. Pm if you have one new or used you would like to part with.
  11. Crazyeddie46

    SOLD. PDC Custom gen3 chassis

    Wts pdc customs chassis gen 3( I’m pretty sure this is a gen 3). Rem 700, right hand short action. I received this in a trade. Chassis has 2 pic rails that can be moved and a barricade stop. Asking for $525 tyd. I’m just not a chassis guy. Pm with any questions thank you.
  12. Crazyeddie46


    Wts case prep trio asking $
  13. Crazyeddie46


    I have a 25 in-lb and 65 in-lb torque limiters to sell. These have been sitting on my bench for some time. In great shape I think I’ve used them once. Asking $30 ea or take both for $50. have a red tac gear 1/2 pint rear bag great shape, no stains or tears. asking $20if you want both limiters...
  14. Crazyeddie46

    ALL SOLD. WTS TBAC CB Brakes and CB Flash hider. (1 CB BRAKE LEFT)

    WTS CB Brakes and CB Flash hider they are used but it excellent shape. I also have a tbac thread protector. All brakes come with a peel washer. Asking $100 each for brakes and $20 for thread protector. If you want all brakes I’ll just throw in the thread protector.
  15. Crazyeddie46

    WTB 6.5 hellfire, black nitride, 5/8-24

    Like the title states looking to buy black nitride 6.5 hellfire brake with 5/8-24 threads.
  16. Crazyeddie46

    WTT tbac cb brakes for 419 hellfire brakes

    Looking for 2 6.5 hellfire brake with the universal adapter. 1 223 hellfire brake with universal adapter. And a tbac ultra suppressor adapter. I’ve got 2 30 cal cb brakes, 1 223 cb flash hider and 2 thread protectors all tbac. All brakes and hider have been used but in good condition. I would be...
  17. Crazyeddie46

    WTB kuiu VENTURE 2300 pack and xl Bino harness

    Like title says looking for kuiu VENTURE 1800, 2300 pack. New or used pm with what you have. Also looking for kuiu xl Bino Harness.
  18. Crazyeddie46

    Price reduced again WTS Sig Kilo 2200 MR

    Wts/wtt sig kilo 2200mr with rrs mount. $360 for everything. Rangefinder is in great condition carried in a range bag most of it life. Preforms as it. Comes with original box but I’m not able to find the pouch. would trade Rangefinder package +1100 for terrapin x.
  19. Crazyeddie46

    Sold please delete. manners PRS2 Stock with Gen 2 Mini-Chassis, ingenuity rail, blocks an atlas bipod adapter (price reduction)

    WTS manners PRS2 Stock (Gen 2 Mini-Chassis) with ingenuity rail And blocks. 1300 tyd with everything or 1000 tyd without rail and attachments.