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  1. Forgetful Coyote

    Robert Mcnamara

    Just finished a decent documentary on him @Gunfighter14e2 whats your thoughts on the man?
  2. Forgetful Coyote

    Signal jammer used in cartel hit @Gunfighter14e2 or anyone else.. what is this? Capabilities? And are we gonna start seeing ANTIFA with this sort of equipment?
  3. Forgetful Coyote

    What a world

  4. Forgetful Coyote

    CJNG ambushes GN & Marines

    Our Mexican bro’s are doing some thankless fckn work down there, while being outgunned and outarmored pretty much 90% of the time patrolling the hills of Tierra Caliente practically naked.
  5. Forgetful Coyote

    Soviet vs German snipers

    Lets say its '41, beginning of Barbarossa... not winter yet so no worries for the krauts in that regard yet. Infrastructure still in nice shape and not bombed to sh!t for both sides, capability to give high quality training still intact, etc. Who in general/as a whole had the better snipers...
  6. Forgetful Coyote


    Anyone got one, or an original AR180? How do you like it? Ive always wondered why the AR18/180 kinda flopped military-wise, yet went on to inspire basically every short stroke piston rifle out there today..?? They seem to have been a great alternative to the popular FAL's and G3's, and at a good...
  7. Forgetful Coyote

    Accuracy Int'l Coopermatch

    Any yall got one of these(@buffalowinter maybe??)? Shes calling my name.. if only I had $9k laying around.. In all seriousness tho, I'd probably just go for the 6 BR Bleiker repeater they have listed at...
  8. Forgetful Coyote

    7.5 FK

    This rounds been out a while now. Does anyone know of any SMG's or PCC's in the works chambered for it? It smokes 9x25 Dillon and is right on the heels of .30 Carbine. 95gr @ 2000 fps... defeats IIIA armor just fine, and I'd imagine quite a bit more lethal than 5.7x28 or 4.6x30. I have to wonder...
  9. Forgetful Coyote

    Criterion CORE series barrels

    Looks like it should be a good choice for a 2-gun/3-gun type build..
  10. Forgetful Coyote

    Robert K Brown sniper rifle?

    Any clue what rifle hes holding here? I believe its the same one here: Custom Model 70 maybe? Any yall know the details on it? Soldier of Fortune was awesome
  11. Forgetful Coyote

    AMU M110's

    Does anyone here know the specs/details on the "M110" used by AMU shooters in long range service rifle? Are they actual KAC M110's? Or custom built .308 AR's? Parts/components used? Thanks
  12. Forgetful Coyote

    IWI Zion-15

    Any yall plan on jumping on one?
  13. Forgetful Coyote

    Marine confirms Hillary vetoed sending 250 fighters to Benghazi Not really earth shatterin news here.. damn shame she aint get brought up on charges tho when they were investigating her recently..
  14. Forgetful Coyote

    Doctor who tortured DEA Agent Camarena runs a taco shop Of course this fuckers still free.. cause he'd testify that his orders likely came from high ranking DFS agents and even politicians, who wanted to find out what Camarena knew about corruption... The details about...
  15. Forgetful Coyote

    007 - No time to die

    Cant wait to see this!
  16. Forgetful Coyote

    How were '03 and Garand barrels rifled?

    Just curious, does anyone know the rifling method used to make 1903 as well as Garand barrels? I know that button rifling wasn't totally perfected by Mike Walker until the late 40s-early 50's, so pre-WW2 rifles definitely didn't have button rifled barrels. Hammer forging AFAIK was developed by...
  17. Forgetful Coyote

    Precision Rifle Expo - Blakely, Ga

    I cant believe I didn't hear about it in time this year and couldnt make it out to go to it when it was going on a couple months back... damnit. But I'm 100% going to it next year and any 'hide members in the Mid or North Ga/Tenn/South Carolina area here that wanna all link and check it out...
  18. Forgetful Coyote

    Pap just texted this to me

    Said he and my grandpap knew both Mayor Peterson and Malcolm Braddy.. crazy times back then!
  19. Forgetful Coyote

    The Irishman

    Anyone seen it yet?
  20. Forgetful Coyote

    MG34/MG42/MG3 vs PKM

    Obviously not sniper rifles, but these GPMG's are all old designs.. and yet to this day very viable weapons still considered some of the best GPMG's ever made. What would yall say is the better between the two? How does the M60 and 240B fit in the discussion? Also wonder yalls thoughts on the...