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    Vudoo Serial numbers

    Are the serial numbers located on the bottom of the bolt? Or bottom of the action. Didnt want to take it out of the stock if I didnt have to. Thanks guys
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    SOLD For Sale Vudoo BA $1400

    I know you said stock is not included but that thing looks amazing. Can you post pics or PM me with a few pics. Would like details on who painted it too. Thanks
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    Why is it so hard to have a 100% reliable bolt 22lr?

    Since the 452 I have probably owned over 50 CZs. And never had a single issue with any magazine, extraction, or feeding problems. Amazing.
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    V22 vs. RimX

    I own 5 vudoos now. I never thought you could be bit by an upper end 22 bug. But it happens. I have sold 12 rifles between cz tikka etc etc. Not only is the customer service outstanding and good people they are the 22 by which all are measured. Rim X might be just as good but until one ie...
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    WTB Riton R3 Fde 1-8

    Alright thought I would see what I can come up with. Must be mint and FDE version. Thanks
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    Vudoo right handed 22LR barreled action 18" or 20" MTU

    Guys don't get too wound up in the chamber and specs and all that. I have one of the 1st style chambers and 1st gen ignition system. With one lot of sk rm ammo it produced 18 groups consecutively that avg. 241 at 50yds. If it says Vudoo on it it will shoot.
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    Nordic .22lr upper

    Sold ti cynical
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    Nordic .22lr upper

    I have a nordic 16in upper like new in thr box. 450 shipped
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    WTB: Proof for cz

    If anybody is looking to move a like new proof for a 457 guve me a shout. Thanks
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    Wtb Vudoo bottom metal

    Would love to have it in their fde
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    Proof barrel for cz 455/457

    Very very nice write up. Much needed info on the proof. Thanks for taking the time.
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    Sold pending Funds to WtxMSCL8188
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    Pay pal FF
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    Carbon fiber barreled action, leupold bases and rings 30mm high matte, grayboe renegade in custom finish. The stock in the mag well had to be opened up to fit the bergara, it was not a drop in fit. Mag is tight getting out but everything functions perfectly. Factory trigger adjusted to just...
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    WTT Vudoo barreled action w/proof

    Yes would you sell the barrels action. I have been searching for this
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    Bergara B-14r carbon

    I have 2. Yes 2 carbon. Love them both. Do yourself a favor and buy a trigger and a hellfire muzzle break. Bug big difference after the break was adddd
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    Cz 457 MPA nra Blue

    Not meaning this as a WTB add, but does anybody know who might have one of these in stock??