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  1. HansohnBrothers

    Thunder Beast Ultra and 22 Takedown in stock now Dominus coming soon!
  2. HansohnBrothers

    Thunder Beast Ultra 9, 7 and 5 plus 22 Take Down, in stock

    We have a small amount of Thunder Beast Arms Ultra 9CB, Ultra 7CB and Ultra 5CB in stock now. Also have a couple 22 Take Down left. Use coupon code THANKS for 10% off all silencers.
  3. HansohnBrothers

    Dead Air Nomad-TI, available now

    We have limited stock of the Dead Air Nomad Ti available. $995 with free shipping. For those that want to clean their silencers, this is the answer to your prayers. Since it is 100% titanium with no coating, you can simply drop the whole silencer in an ultra-sonic cleaner or put it in the...
  4. HansohnBrothers

    Quell Tech Mod-U-Less

    The Quell Tech Mod-U-Less will be made available tonight at 7pm EDT. :cool:
  5. HansohnBrothers

    TBAC 338 Brake blowout sale

    All TBAC 338 brakes are $100 shipped, while supplies last...
  6. HansohnBrothers

    Thunder Beast 338 BA muzzle brake sale

    While supplies last, TBAC 338 Brakes are $125 with free shipping. All are new in packaging with peel washers.
  7. HansohnBrothers

    Black Friday Sale, on now!

    Use coupon code BF19 for 10% off all in-stock silencers.
  8. HansohnBrothers

    TBAC demo - Culpeper, VA

    Ray Sanchez from TBAC will be in Culpeper, VA 22 August. We will be talking silencers, long range precision and shooting out to 1100m with several rifle and cartridge combinations with various TBAC silencers. Starts at 10am. No charge. PM for range location.
  9. HansohnBrothers

    Best can on 11.5" 5.56mm?

    We tested several silencers on our stock Colt M16. Enjoy! In an earlier thread 'Hide member Fig asked "all things being equal, is there less back pressure out of a .338 can on a 5.56 as opposed to a 5.56 can on a 5.56?" Starting at 2:16 in the video, we tested a .338 and 5.56mm silencers back...
  10. HansohnBrothers

    Spring Cleaning, Great Deals on Silencers

    New silencer Spring Cleaning sale! All prices include shipping. Order online or give us a call. AAC Element 2, $300 AAC TiRant 9M, $515 AAC TiRant 45M, $545 Dead Air Mask, Call for ridiculous price Dead Air Odessa 9, Call for price Griffin Optimus, $705 SilencerCo Chimera, $645
  11. HansohnBrothers

    TBAC Ultra 7 in stock now

    In stock here. These won't last long and next order will not arrive until sometime in 2020! :oops:
  12. HansohnBrothers

    Energetic Arms VOX available now

    We have the Energetic Vox available now. $600 and free shipping. Order online or give us a call. Dead Air Key-Mo is not included but is available as an option. Comes with 5/8x24 direct thread adapter.
  13. HansohnBrothers

    Black Friday Sale

    10% off all available silencers, coupon code BF18*. *No backorders, no rainchecks. Expires 00:00:00 25 Nov 2018
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    Yard Sale is open

    The end of summer Yard Sale is open!
  15. HansohnBrothers

    Dead Air Ghost promotions

    There is still time to take advantage of the Dead Air Ghost-M promotions! Buy any Dead Air silencer and add a Ghost-M for only $399! Another option is to purchase a Ghost-M at regular price and get a FREE piston pack (a $445 value). Or you can go whole-hog and purchase a Ghost-M at regular...
  16. HansohnBrothers

    Thunder Beast: Back in stock

    All models in stock. Free shipping. Military, Law Enforcement and First Responder discounts available.
  17. HansohnBrothers

    Dead Air Odessa video review

    In stock now, $769 and free shipping.
  18. HansohnBrothers

    Q Cherry Bomb, in-stock now

    Q Cherry Bomb Brakes, in-stock now. $75 and free shipping! The Cherry Bomb by Q® is a Quickie™ Fast-Attach muzzle brake compatible with the THUNDER CHICKEN™ and trash PANDA™ silencers by Q. It features our taper mount shoulder to align with our barrels and silencers, uses a 1/2 inch socket on...