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    FS Sig Sauer Cross barrels

    Here Ya go
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    Seems they filled in all the gaps.!/
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    This may have been posted already. If so I apologize. They filled in all the gaps.!/
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    detailed article on different ways to chamber

    A compilation of different ways to chamber. Some good and some not so good but it's a good read for new guys.
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    300 PRC update

    The 300 PRC, 30-375R, will be a cataloged item with SAMMI in the next two weeks. I don't know how long it will take them to add it to their website. Dave Manson has the specs and can make anyone a reamer.
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    lathe for sale

    very good starter lathe for somebody
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    Congratulations to Stiller

    Just talked to Jerry Stiller. SPF has been awarded a contract to supply actions to Crane for the MK13 rifles. Congratulations to Jerry and everyone at SPF and PT&G who makes the bolts for Jerry.
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    Performance update on Hornady 285's

    Just a quick update on the 285's. A customer just won the International Benchrest Association, 1000 yd. Heavy Gun group, National Championship. It was a four 10 shot target aggregate shot over three days in some not so good conditons. He and one other shooter were the only ones to agg under 10"...