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    Free to good home!

    Geissele patch, no hook/loop on back. Sent to the first address pm'd to me... I'm cleaning shit out and will be posting other stuff later on. Be awesome!
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    Dirt/dual-sport/enduro motorcycle question

    All, I'm interested in getting a bike to ride. Used to do a lot of road racing on Ducati's but I'm not in SoCal near a bunch of racetracks anymore. I have access to a lot of ranch land and am within a day's ride of Big Bend Nat'l Park. I'd like a bike that's road legal, off-road capable...
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    TRADED AXMC, .338Lapua and 6.5Creed setup TRADED

    Alright, Gun-Fags. I've been trying to sell my 6.5Creed barrel for a thousand years and nobody wants it. Either it's too short to make people feel secure, wrench flats really are necessary, or my paint job sucks. Whatever... Here is the whole rifle setup. I would like to trade this for a...
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    WTS/WTT AXMC 6.5Creed barrel, 18"

    AXMC barrel, 6.5 Creedmoor, 18" I got this barrel with a rifle I bought used. Was told it had 400rnds at the time and I have since put approx 500rnds through it. Estimated approx 1000rnds... Muzzle is 5/8-24 Brake not included. Got some Krylon on it.... $300
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    300BLK gas system question

    All, For those of you shooting 300BLK from an AR platform, what gas system length is best for 10.5-11.5" barrels with the intent to shoot strictly subsonic ammo, suppressed? And what buffer, etc? Thanks.
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    WTB Rem 700 receiver

    WTB Rem 700 SA, .473" bolt face receiver. Looking for B689xxxx (ideally), or C, D, early E-prefix serial number. Complete rifle or action alone. Let me know what you've got. Thanks.
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    Remington 700 SA stocks

    Old, walnut ADL stock. Sporter barrel channel and aluminum butt plate. Also have a Varmint Synthetic stock made by HS Precision. Varmint barrel channel, rubber pad. What you see is what you get. Honest wear/use, not cracks, breaks, chips, etc. No surprises. I don't have the bottom...
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    7mm-08 capabilities

    All, Anyone shooting a 7-08 with bullets of 168grs or heavier? If so, what velocities are you achieving and with what length bbl?
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    Bow hunting for turkey?

    I see some crazy looking turkey-specific arrowheads online, but is that stuff a gimmick? I've never hunted turkey with a bow and want to give it a shot this year. What do you guys use? Standard broadhead, one if the turkey/razor blade deals, something different?
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    Short barrel 6.5Creed?

    All, I've been shooting 16-20" .308's forever. I recently picked up an AXMC that came with a 26" 6.5Creed barrel. Needless to say, it's a long rifle and I'm hanging a suppressor on the end as well. So, I'm wondering about cutting this thing back to somewhere around 16-20" but am completely...
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    Guys, I have the opportunity to go to Anchorage for a couple years but don't know anything about it. What is living up there like? Housing, schools, cost of living, winters, etc... I'm very drawn to the adventure of it all. However, part of me looks at it like it would just be an extra...
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    .300 Blackout barrel selection

    Alright guys, I'm interested in putting together a .300 Blackout. I've got an AR that's been standing in the corner, unfired for three years. I wanna try something different. So, I've been looking at barrels and see there are plenty of choices. My questions: 1) If I choose a 16" barrel, and...