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  1. chopit

    Federson or kidd

    Got a 10/22 with titan stock, tac sol reciever, Kidd trigger and volquartsen carbon barrel. I can't make this thing shoot for anything. Gonna try swapping barrel I really want to try the federson 18" fluted but also thinking just get the Kidd and be done with it. Any opinions?
  2. chopit

    Kifaru mini long pouches

    Does anyone know who makes a simular sized pouch. 11x5x2. I just got a scout rig and want a long pouch on each side. Kifaru quit making these a while back.
  3. chopit

    Bolt work

    Who has good turnaround time on bolt work. Just basic stuff bolt knob, fluting kinda stuff. Local guy says 6-8 weeks that seem kinda long.
  4. chopit

    Jae 100 flush cup

    Anyone know who made Jae flush cups? I moved one to the opposite side and there is a little rim around the cup to transition to the stock and it just popped off when I tightened it.
  5. chopit

    Unsupported instruction

    Where can I get good unsupported shooting advice, techniques, practice? I am tired of these stupid nrl22 unsupported stages kicking my ass.
  6. chopit

    Ammo by lot

    Who besides good shooting inc sells a case by lot? Need a case of center x.
  7. chopit

    WTB Alg 6 second mount

    Need an alg 6 secong mount for glock 17 with aimpoint t1. Need something for waco biathlon in April. Just need the mount.
  8. chopit

    Sterk bolt handle

    Is there some secret to getting a sterk for a t1x? Everyone is always on backorder and when i email sterk (3 times) never get a response back.
  9. chopit

    Sniperenvy is gtg

    No problems lightning fast payment.
  10. chopit

    SOLD. WTS Labradar (lowered price)

    I have had this for a year used it once. I have the box still has the plastic on the display. 450 shipped pp ff. No trades need money for a gun.
  11. chopit

    Cz 455 bolt scope clearence

    Anyone have issue with cz 455 and a large scope clearence with the bolt? I am fixing to pull the trigger on a cz 455 precision trainer and i have a nightforce 8x32 nxs sitting in my safe. I have never even held a cz so i dont have a clue.
  12. chopit

    Cz 455 precision trainer

    Any difference accuracy wise between the 455pt and 457pt?
  13. chopit

    Nrl22 membership

    I havent recieved anything other than acknowledgement that I paid Do any of you recieve emails or news or anything from them. I got nothing, is this normal or consistent with others?
  14. chopit

    Nrl22 base rifle question

    So I am reading the base rifle rules and it now says trigger job allowed. Does this mean I can only work the trigger over or can I run a timney? I am going shoot my first nrl22 match at a local range at the end of this month.
  15. chopit

    Handguard clearance

    What is the minimum amount of clearance between handguard id and suppressor odd? Handguard 1.435 id and the can I want is 1.4. I think this is too close possibly. Since I don't own a suppressor not really sure.
  16. chopit

    New pulsar apex problems

    Brand new apex straight out of the box and i cant get it to power on. Tried battery and battery pack. Cant get it to do anything.
  17. chopit

    Manfrotto question

    Will the rrs universal leveling base work with the 0X55prob? Sorry if this is a stupid question tripods are vudoo to me.
  18. chopit

    Bushmaster BA50 owners

    I want a 50. I am looking at the ba50. I would like to know if you have one do you like it? Any problems? Things you like and dislike. What kind of accuracy are you getting?
  19. chopit

    g3ninfinite is GTG

    No problems, fast shipping actually he shipped the same day i paid him and everything was just like he described.
  20. chopit

    Faxon barrel

    Well tried my faxon 308 heavy fluted AR barrel on aero upper n lower. 140 rounds of 168 fgmm, 175 fgmm, ppu 168. Best it will shoot is 2 moa at 100 yds in a lead sled. I changed scopes and mounts today and removed muzzle break. Shot another 80 rounds today and 1.5 moa one time the rest was same...