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  1. Hondo1

    Killing with A-Tips

    Curious if anyone is killing with A-Tips this year. If so please post your results.
  2. Hondo1

    WTB Winchester Model 88

    Long shot here but I’m looking for a clean 88 chambered in .243.
  3. Hondo1

    WTT DT SRS-A1 for AIAT *Trades added*

    Looking for a spare AI, I have a fde/fde SRS A1 that I would like to trade for a AIAT or AIAX post 14, not real picky on chambering but the the rifle must be sfp and a folder. I have a few different barrel options for the DT. .338 Lapua AI 30” .300 PRC 28” 6.5 Creedmoor 28” Trades considered...
  4. Hondo1

    WTB once fired .300 PRC brass

    Looking to buy some once fired .300 prc brass. Please let me know what you have. Thanks,
  5. Hondo1


    Looking for a 5mm DT seekonk torque wrench. I’m good with either 70 or 80 inch pounds. Thanks
  6. Hondo1

    WTB Desert Tech Stuff

    WTB a few odds and ins for my DT’s. 70 or 80 inch pound Seekonk torque wrench for Desert Tech Magazines .473 bolt Monopod hole plug Operator kit Barrels?
  7. Hondo1

    WTB BCM M-lock Upper

    Looking to buy a rifle and a pistol upper. prefer BCM but I would entertain other quality factory built uppers.
  8. Hondo1

    Fortrex vs. 5700ab for Kilo 3000

    I apologize a head of time if this has been covered in past but I am looking for some up to date information on the 5700 vs the Fortrex. Both of these devices have been out long enough to have time to mature and I am curious which is the best fit for my Sig Kilo 3000’s. I don’t compete anymore...
  9. Hondo1

    WTB Kestrel 5700ab Link

    Looking for a new or like new 5700ab with Link. Thanks
  10. Hondo1

    SilencerCo Saker muzzle brake

    Saker muzzle brake in good condition. $45.00
  11. Hondo1

    WTB Thunderbeast BA breaks

    Look for a couple of Thunderbeast BA breaks in 5/8-24”
  12. Hondo1

    WTB Winchester Model 88

    I know it’s a bit of a long shot but I’m looking for a Model 88 in .243, prefer pre 64 carbine but open to others.
  13. Hondo1

    Standard Magnum DT Bolt Head**SOLD**

    Standard magnum bolt head for DT $125.00 shipped
  14. Hondo1

    Tikka .300wsm**SPF**

    Tikka T3 light chambered in .300wsm. Barrel cut and crowned to 21” and Cerakoted OD green. Bell and Carlson medalist stock, and YoDave trigger spring. Asking $650.00 shipped
  15. Hondo1


    With the new A-Tips being all the rage it looks like the new line of SMK’s have lost their shine. I played around with the search function and couldn’t find much recent feedback on the 230smk. Does anyone have any firsthand input they could give on this bullet? I’m just getting into the...
  16. Hondo1

    WTB .300 PRC brass

    Looking to purchase once fired .300 PRC brass. Thanks
  17. Hondo1


    double post
  18. Hondo1

    WTB DT bolt

    Want to buy DT bolt, looking for the new style with swappable heads. thanks
  19. Hondo1

    Q Suppressors

    Not hearing much about the suppressors from Q anymore. For those of you that have them how are you liking them? Would you buy one again? How do they compare to the other cans that you have? Thanks,
  20. Hondo1

    **SPF** Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 3-15 ebr2c

    Gen 2 PST in great condition ebr2c in mil. comes with a MKM throw lever. masking $600.00 shipped