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  1. spife7980

    SOLD: Used KRG Bravo Rem700 sa FDE

    Selling my fde bravo for a short action rem 700. It’s in what I’m consider good condition, the action area has some green residue from where my cerakoted action was pressed into it but it’s what I consider a hidden nothing burger. 300 shipped, paypal f&f only, iIl answer pms but if a public...
  2. spife7980

    SOLD: 50% off carbon proof cert $150

    SOLD to tbaxl Anyone in need of a carbon proof barrel? I have a 50% off cert I’d let go for 150. It’s list price so a Zermatt/Impact/Defiance/savage prefit is 940/2=470+150=620 An mrad prefit is 2100/2=1050+150=1200 I have an office scanner so can scan the cert into proof for you with your...
  3. spife7980

    WTB- 6.5 RDF Blems

    Anyone have a bunch of the 130 or 140 rdf blems they are sitting on and might want to get rid of?
  4. spife7980

    FOUND- 6.5 Creed Sizer and Micrometer Seater

    Found from tyler.I Anyone moving on and want to sell their forster or redding type s full length sizer dies? What about the micrometer seating dies?
  5. spife7980

    WTB: Nosler 6mm 105 RDF

    Looking for at least 500 blems if you have them. Ill send you 20 cents per
  6. spife7980

    SOLD: Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29x56

    SOLD Going to send this Athlon Cronus BTR on down the road for 1,150 shipped. I bought it used but havent mounted it to use myself however it has a few love blemishes from the prior owner/s. Glass is good though and the adjustments seem solid so functionally its 100% from what I can tell. I...
  7. spife7980

    SOLD: 270 Bullets + Bonus

    SOLD 200- Hornady Interlock 130 gr 42- Nosler Ballistic Tip 140 gr 47- Berger Classic Hunter 140 gr A small flat rate box will be too thin unless you don’t care about the boxes and let me bag them so I guess a medium flat rate box is 15 bucks for the shipping. If I charge 15 per box of...
  8. spife7980

    SOLD: SWFA SS 12x + rings + level + shade = 270 shipped

    It was mounted on my origin for a month but I never actually shot with it. The rings are “high” I believe. Selling it all for 270 shipped
  9. spife7980

    34mm showdown

    34mm go Edit: The Athlon Ares ETR won the poll but I found a cronus btr for only 100 bucks more than the ares so I went that route. Sorry for any disappointment this may have caused.
  10. spife7980

    RPM/Powder burn rate driven bullet weight decision: 22 Creed- 26" 7 Twist- H4350- Alpha

    So I have a 22 creed and Im in a feedback loop on what I should shoot. I had initially wanted an 85 rdf but Im thinking about hornadys now too since there is just more data out there for hornady in the creed that I can find in the depot and elsewhere for comparison. I have a 26" 7 twist barrel...
  11. spife7980

    What in the heck is this scopes model?

    A friend sent this to me asking what it is. He said it has no other markings that he could find.
  12. spife7980

    WTB- 223 Remage, new or used but not shot out

    Who has a remage that they are bored of and wants to sell to me? I dont mind if it has a couple thousand on it but I dont want one with many thousand on it... aka I dont want your shot out barrel but if you are bored with one before its done Im interested. Its not for me, Im just trying to help...
  13. spife7980

    Sold- Complete 223 set up- Ruger American w/ Keystone Accuracy barrel & Ares BTR.

    SOLD I am selling a ruger american that was originally a 300bo for ~500 rounds but only the original action remains installed on the rifle. I’ll include the old factory stuff. 300 I have replaced the barrel with a Keystone Accuracy GM 223 wylde, 7 twist 24” medium Palma threaded 5/8x24. 420 I...
  14. spife7980

    PSA: 9-27-19 until midnight- 99 cent Sale on Geoballistics/BallisticsArc Pro version

    On sale for a buck until midnight tonight.
  15. spife7980

    SOLD- Bushnell DMR2pro 3.5-21x50

    Sold! Dmr2pro with G3 reticle that I purchased in feb of this year from liberty optics. All original everything included. I’d like to get 1150 shipped. First to post publicly in this thread gets it, send me a pm as well with your info but with so much forum drama I’m keeping this out in the...
  16. spife7980

    NOT SELLING ANYMORE- Weaver GS Tactical 3-10 & ARC M10 ring bundle-

    I have one of the 3-10 weaver grand slam tacticals (franks video review in the link, only place I can find the video now)and a set of 1" ARC M10 rings. Nothing amazing but if someone is looking for a good small form scope for not a lot of money I think this is a hard combo to beat. Id like to...
  17. spife7980

    Ruger American *223* Stock Replacement

    Im really looking for info on people who have changed stocks on the ruger american and have any insight into bedding them and the aics mag situation. AICS mags dont work for 223 sized cases in MDT or Magpul Ruger stocks. I took my 300bo Ruger Ranch that didnt get shot anymore and I took...
  18. spife7980

    SOLD- VG6 Gamma 7.62 muzzle brake- $50 shipped

    SOLD Not going to build that big AR after all for gas gun comp so I have a vg6 gamma 7.62 5/8x24 thread muzzle brake for sale, 50 shipped usps small box flat rate. It’s currently on sale from them for 72 bucks First to post in the thread gets it before...
  19. spife7980

    Ares BTR 4.5-27 vs Midas Tac 6-24

    What I thought was pertinent info ended up being too much info. Which one of the two listed for 550 bucks?
  20. spife7980

    6 Dasher brass forming (and then 115 RDF testing)

    So I know this is basically pointless since Im only forming brass for another 120 rounds with this but still gives me my entertainment. False shoulder plus a healthy bullet jam. Even the lowest loads are giving me brass to the same blow length so Im not too concerned about that issue. Lapua...