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  1. jbell

    Another Great Customer Service thread

    I just wanted to take a second to say I am once again impressed with Mile High. I placed an order last week for a Vudoo and all they had were 16.5" & 18" but I wanted a longer barrel. Juan was packing my rifle to today when they got a shipment of 20" in. He immediately called me to give me the...
  2. jbell

    Anyone here a pre war Browning expert?

    I have 2 old pre war Browning shotguns that I would like to figure out what they are worth (yes I know they are only worth what someone will pay...) I have been out of the vintage shotgun scene for some time now and have these two left and would like to know an approximate value, if any. 1936...
  3. jbell

    SPF Bushnell Forge 3-18X50 FFP MOA

    Like new Bushnell Forge 3-18X50 first focal plane scope MOA turrets with the Deploy MOA reticle The scope is in very good condition, hard to tell from new. It has only been on a 22lr only ever mounted one time. It has always tracked great and the optics are very bright and clear, I was kinda...
  4. jbell

    SOLD Ruger Precision Rimfire 22lr with optic $425 shipped

    I am the original owner. The rifle has been used very little well under 500 rounds through it (not that it really matters with a 22lr). I have been very surprised at how well it shoots, functions perfectly. Includes the cheap red dot that is on it (Pinty is the brand it holds zero and has a dot...
  5. jbell

    Ultimate TRG 22 Sako Folder 6.5 Creed package more trades added

    I do not have time to reload and drive the 4.5 hour round trip to shoot past 200 meters so there is no point in keeping this rifle. I have had it out to 1100 yards a few times and it is a pleasure to shoot, I am sure I will miss it. With the hope that I will have a mountain bike race season in...
  6. jbell

    Sold Zermatt Rim X Keystone Krieger barreled action / complete / package

    *I had an opportunity come up yesterday evending that I don’t want to pass up on, so I am taking $200 off the barreled action. I don’t think you will find a lower price on one in this good of condition, if you do let’s talk. I NEED TO SELL AT LEAST THE B/A SO I AM MOTIVATED! I have several...
  7. jbell

    Anyone here have any time on a Truform Runner?

    I'm thinking about buying one for the winter. I would love some first have non biased thoughts. Thanks!
  8. jbell

    SOLD Sako TRG fully adjustable stock Terje Andre Fjørtoft

    I have decided to just use my GenII Sako folder so I do not need this. In my opinion next to the Factory GenII folder this is the best upgrade you can make to your TRG. -Terje Andre Fjørtoft‘s adjustable cheek & butt assembly which uses no tools, just the thumb wheels. -Sako TRG 22/42 butt stock...
  9. jbell

    Found one

    I am looking for a Vortex Razor HD Gen II with a EBR-1C MIL reticle. I prefer the 4.5-27X56 but will consider the 3-18X50. The scope doesn’t have to be perfect, but I prefer it not look like it was drug behind a truck. I do require the lenses and mechanics to be 100%. Let me know what you have...
  10. jbell

    Zermatt Rim X failure to fire

    First off I have emailed Zermatt and am waiting on their replay with 100% confidence that they will get me squared away quickly, but in the mean time I thought I would ask if anyone else has been down this road (which is probably covered in detail in the RimX thread or some other thread that I...
  11. jbell

    SOLD MPA offset cheek riser

    Like new MPA offset cheek riser: Sold $75 shipped Feel free to call or text 207-740-7743 thank you - Jesse
  12. jbell

    SPF Tubb T7T trigger

    Lightly used, excellent condition Tubb T7T. Here are the details of the trigger: Sold pending funds $225 shipped Feel free to call or text 207-740-7743 thank you - Jesse
  13. jbell

    KRG W3 folder R700 SA TRADED

    Excellent condition KRG W3 folder for a R700 short action or clone. I picked this up for a build that never happened. I don't think it has ever been to a range, it shows no wear and doesn't look like an action has been bolted in. Comes with action screws. **TRADED ** $850 shipped, insured, and...
  14. jbell

    SPF Sako TRG folding butt assembly (2nd generation) $1930 shipped!

    Factory Sako TRG folding butt assembly with box. This is in excellent condition less the left grip panel has a slight bend to the portion that mates with the forearm (on the left side). I am sure it could be straightened but I never really cared as it is minor IMO. I tried to show it in the...
  15. jbell

    SOLD Sako TRG 22 308 barrel

    Take off factory TRG22 barrel in 308 cut to 19" and threaded 5/8X24. I got this barrel with a rifle from a very well respected member here on the Hide whom I have done several transactions with and all have been 110%. The barrel has reportedly 500 ish rounds on it (so figure under 1000) and was...
  16. jbell


    There has been some talk on the 6X5 about a standard to use to determine a CTC measurement. I have always used 0.222” as that is what the original discussion way back when this all started kinda settled on. Some people have different opinions and that is great, I am open to anything. I do agree...
  17. jbell

    *SOLD*MPA BA Castle Cut Folder R700SA

    Like new MPA BA chassis can't tell it from new, no wear even in the mag well, just had an action bolted in but never shot. -Inlet for a right hand Remington 700 short action or clone. -Tungsten color -spigot and NV bridge -folder -Castle Cut **sold** The trade fell through so it is now up for...
  18. jbell

    !SOLD! Santa Cruz Highball like new, large

    I don’t normally list mountain bikes here on the Hide, but I thought I would as I know there are some members who are into it. Also I am open to firearms related trades, either full trades or partial but I’m not looking to add cash honestly. I will entertain most any trade, but I am main...
  19. jbell

    Going to keep it / Bushnell DMR II PRO G3

    As new Bushnell DMR II PRO, it is mounted in Arkin rings but has never had a round fired under it. I bought it new (I am the original owner) for a build that never was. So it is basically new. I wanted to check out the Arkin rings to see how they stack up vs the rest. For the price I think they...
  20. jbell

    SOLD AIAT / MPA folder SFP 6mmBR

    -Accuracy International AT 2015 small firing pin -Mile High 6mmBR barrel threaded 5/8X24 with 1000 rounds through it +/- 20 rounds -MPA BA Competition Chassis folder, night vision bridge with finger grip (also have a pic rail if you prefer) -AI Competition Trigger w/ both 1st stage springs -AI...