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    Every now and then.......

    The really dangerous guys show up.................
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    They were once our enemies

    But they taught our fledgling Navy most of what it knew about sailing and fighting. So any ringknockers, squids, and bluejackets here, like me, might enjoy this
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    Niech Bóg błogosławi Polskę

    Translation: God Bless Poland Enjoy watching a European government with balls and with its own peoples' self interest first.
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    Is CAPT Mark Kelly, USN a traitor or a patsy?

    You decide
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    All you need is mid course and terminal guidance

    And a warhead
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    Say what you will about Russia

    Their anthem sounds badass and the chick singing it is hotness (and so is the other one at 1:30)
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    308 brass volume question

    Which brand of 308 Win brass has on average the closest interior volume (or empty weight if you prefer) to Lapua?
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    Go Be Poor Somewhere Else thread

    This thread is all about excess. I'll start He wasn't fucking joking when he said he was gonna flex
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    Race card playing fail

    So now it's racism when a third or fourth rate black actor that no one's ever heard of fails to negotiate himself a raise. Fuck you loser, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
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    Another subhuman bites the dust Oh boy...…… what's the over/under this piece of shit gets anal enlargement surgery first night in?
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    And in New Jersey today............

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    God this will make your skin crawl

    God bless the United States Marshals Service But my God this is tough to watch and listen to...........
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    I think democrats don't realize how fucked they are

    The silent majority ain't white only.................. Like Army Jerry said, the majority of black Americans are good, decent citizens who play by the rules and want no handouts. They are listening...
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    GONE Large Pistol for Small Pistol or Small Rifle primers OHIO

    I have 1K Federal Gold Medal Large Pistol primers and 200 Federal Large Pistol that I'd like to trade for same qty of any brand small pistol, small pistol magnum, or small rifle primers (any combination as long as the numbers add up) Western Ohio near Dayton. PM for contact. Thanks
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    Traitors and scumbags

    Here they all are: Republican Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire (who is now an independent) John Warner of Virginia. former Republican House members: Former Reps. Steve Bartlett of Texas, Bill...
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    What happens when redress within the law is impossible? Both her inlaws die from coronavirus, her FIL from contracting it in a NY nursing home. She submits all the paperwork to testify in the NY senate. This...
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    This is what happens when you submit I have four words for those of you here (you know who you are) who constantly bring up the doomsday stories about what will happen to anyone who fights back against these things: SHUT THE FUCK UP...
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    I'm liking this

    BLM cunt gets swatted LOL
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    OK which one of you was this...………….
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    Need scope buying advice

    I want something nicer than the SWFA 3-15X that I've been getting by for the last 5 - 6 years. Mechanically it's fine but it leaves a lot to be desired in image quality I'm going to call Camera Land tomorrow and would like some more input after reading a bazillion threads here. My budget is...