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  1. Lawless

    Grateful Coffee

    I asked Frank if me giving a plug for this was Ok and he agreed. My nephew has began importing and roasting coffee from Guatemala after several missions trips to the area by himself and his family. He, like myself, was struck by the abject poverty of the area and the resilience of the people...
  2. Lawless

    SOLD Atlas BT65 LW17 CAL2 with ADM Lever Mount

    SOLD Like new, $265 shipped. PP f&f or +3%
  3. Lawless

    40,000 Bees Attack Police CNN — They were responding to a report of a bee sting. But their problem was about to get a whole lot worse. Firefighters and police were attacked Thursday afternoon by a...
  4. Lawless

    *SOLD* 2 Shockwave Braces and tubes in “Magpul grey”

    SOLD 2 Shockwave braces and tubes. Excellent condition. Perfect match for Magpul stealth grey. Will throw in a GI grey grip with each purchase. $30 ea shipped.
  5. Lawless

    *SOLD* Genuine Grip Pod

    All Sold 2 1 genuine Grip Pod with reinforced legs. Great condition. 1 left $40 shipped.
  6. Lawless

    SOLD Big AR 6.5C

    SOLD Built on a PSA upper and lower, PSA barrel. Long VILTOR length receiver extension uses AR15 3.25” carbine buffers. Norrell’s Moly Resin In Coyote. CMC 2.5lb flat single stage trigger. Tubb’s AR10 flatwire spring and H3 buffer. Adjustable gas block. Magpul K2 grip, PRS 3 stock. Nice...
  7. Lawless

    ***SOLD***Kidd 16” rifle

    ***SOLD*** Kidd rifle, 16” threaded barrel. 2 bricks through it. Single stage 2lb trigger with extended mag release. 20MOA base plus standard base included. Pic rail on front of stock. Includes 3 Ruger 10rd mags. Comes in a Boyds Pro Varmint with a steel bedding block/pillar and rear shelf...
  8. Lawless

    ***SOLD***Athlon Ares BTR 4.5-27FFP mil/mil APRS3

    ***SOLD*** Athlon Ares BTR 4.5-27 x50, Excellent condition, lived on a 22 for a couple of months. Gen 1.5 with single center screw on splined turrets and zero stop. mil/mil, APRS 3, tree reticle. Includes BC caps, Vecter low rings and Burris level. $500 shipped lower 48. Includes box and...
  9. Lawless

    SOLD*** Bushnell DMRiiPro

    SOLD As new DMRiiPro. 3.5-21x50 Japanese ED glass, G3 reticle, 34 mm tube, mil/mil. Fantastic scope. Mounted in JP 20MOA MSR type mount with Burris level and BC caps. Have box and all it came with, sun shade, tool, lens cloth in neoprene clip on, paper... Have not shot it yet with this...
  10. Lawless

    SOLD***2x PWS CQB comps

    SOLD 2 PWS CQB comps. Designed to forward sound from AR pistols and SBRs. Basically a 1 chamber suppressor (not NFA item) with a flash hider. These work well, much better than Noveske Flash Pigs, have less than 100 rds through them. I am...
  11. Lawless

    Shout out to Athlon

    My Ares fell over on some concrete when I was yapping at the range and backed into it with my foot. It was sitting beside the bench on my Kidd on the floor so it just skinned up the battery cover on the left side. I emailed Athlon about purchasing a replacement and Sydney responded within just...
  12. Lawless

    Magpul AR grips and GripPods

    SOLD 2 black MOE grips $10ea SOLD 1 FDE MIAD with oil bottle and all parts $20 1 standard GI style grip $5 2 genuine GripPods $40 ea All should ship pretty cheap Priority Mail
  13. Lawless

    Sneaky Ebay seller (Geissele edition)

    I bought a 30mm scope mount for my SW15-22 from Ebay. I simply wanted a serviceable inexpensive mount to put an Athlon 1-4 on my trainer...I did not need something for going to war just something decent. Primary Arms is out of their house mount so I looked around Ebay and saw this: Looked...
  14. Lawless

    2 old school chrome lined PSA uppers with Troy sights

    2 old school mid-length 1:7 16” PSA chrome lined barrels, F marked correct front sight, Magpul Slim handguards, birdcage flash hider, genuine Troy Battlesight rear sights, Magpul QD sling adapter, Magpul cantilever pic rail light mount, pic rail under handguard where GripPod is pictured below...
  15. Lawless

    Sitting in the waiting room expecting my first grandchild

    He’s on the way, I left the room.
  16. Lawless

    ***SOLD***30mm Leupold Mark4 IMS mount 20moa

    ***SOLD*** Like new. Aluminum with steel threaded inserts, return to zero at 65 in/lb. $125 shipped
  17. Lawless

    SOLD***Athlon Ares BTR 4.5-27 APLR3 mil/mil

    SOLD*** Athlon Ares BTR 4.5-27 FFP mil/mil APLR3 tree reticle $475 Priority mailed, if you want it insured I can for what it costs. Only has been on my 22. Like new, includes box and everything it came with. Has BC covers included. This is the set screw turret And zero stop. Level and...
  18. Lawless

    Atlas CAL 2 or TBAC

    Well, is the TB worth the extra hondo and the wait to get one? I have watched the videos and read and know the feature differences but just don’t know what I want. Here’s your chance, convince me what to do.
  19. Lawless

    SOLD***Magpul STR carbine stock FDE

    SOLD*** $50 shipped, like new. lower not included....
  20. Lawless

    5.56 Form 1 questions

    I have 2 SDtac titanium tubes plus their stainless spacer for the blast chamber, 2 of their steel direct thread end caps and 2 blank steel end caps. I have stainless machined baffles. These are planned to live on two 10.5” ARs. Since I’m planning to direct thread, what amount of space between...