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    Shout out to MDT and TBAC

    I had a couple screw ups on my part with products from both companies. Totally my fault. I lost the mag catch and spring to my ACC chassis. I called MDT to buy new ones and they sent them out next day and wouldn’t take my money. End cap from my new 22 takedown got stuck on the end of my...
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    6 br go / no go gauges

    Anybody know where any are in stock? Got 6 br barrel incoming with nut system I need to head space. I ordered a set of gauges from PT&G a couple weeks ago. I called today to check on them and they are saying another month before they ship. Barrel will probably be here in a couple weeks and...
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    TBAC Ultra 7 ?

    Probably dumb question but first suppressor. When I take my suppressor off my brake the carbon build up on the sides of the brake makes it difficult to get off. Not that it won’t come off but I feel it grabbing and it’s not smooth. Is that normal?
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    OCW help

    Here is a ocw test on my 6.5 Creedmoor. Started at 40.0 in .3 grain increments to 42. The last one is .2. Using h4340, lapua brass and 140 hybrids. Which one should I do a seating depth testing on? The middle target on second pic is factory 130 hybrids.
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    6 BR using a Curtis Axiom

    I've read 6BR is hard to get to feed reliably in a 3 lug action. I have a Curtis axiom in a MPA chassis. What do I need to make this work smoothly? Thanks
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    What FL sizind die and mandrel?

    I've been using RCBS die sets for 6.5 creed and 224 valkyrie. After reading several threads lately I would like to upgrade my sizing die and get a mandrel to try and gain as much accuracy as possible. Any suggestions on which ones is appreciated. Thanks
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    Bighorn Origin and WTO switch lug

    Will a wto SwitchLug work with a Bighorn Origin long action? My friends putting together a build and can’t get a response from WTO.
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    Leupold Mark 5 hd 7-35 ?

    How close will a Mark 5 7-35x56 focus/parallax? I'm looking for something to go on my 22 fun gun and this looks like a winner if it will focus at close range. Thanks
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    224 valkyrie 80 eldm load data w/ cfe 223

    I am beginning to work up a load for my valkyrie bolt gun. It's a bighorn tl3 with 26 inch rock creek barrel. I'm starting with 80 eld, starline brass, fed 205m and cfe 223. I was going with 88's but at the last minute ordered the 80's thinking I would get more fps out of them with my barrel...
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    Individual to trust

    What’s the process for going from individual to a trust for a suppressor?
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    I got bit by the suppressor bug after getting to try out quite a few at the Precision Rifle Expo this year. I'm going with Thunder Beast and getting a 338 ultra or ultra 9. Should I get dt or cb? I've read several threads mentioning the area 419 adapters. They look nice. If I want to use...
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    WTB MPA Lite or Hybrid for tikka

    Looking for a MPA Lite or Hybrid chassis for tikka. PM me what you have. Thanks
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    Nightforce 7-35 How much cant?

    I have a 20 moa rail on a 6.5 creedmoor. Looking at possibly a spuhr mount for added elevation. Would a 13 mil spuhr be do able with this scope and my 20 moa rail? Was also looking at adjustable era Tac. Friend just got a mile target set up at his place and need more elevation. Thanks
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    Era Tac adjustable mount?

    Anybody have experience with this mount? How accurate and repeatable is it? I have a razor gen 2 on a 6.5 creedmoor and going to try and shoot some elr distances. My friend just set up a mile target and I need more elevation. Previously have been shooting 1000 yds and in. Thanks
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    WTS MPA Lite for Tikka

    MPA Lite for a tikka Burnt Bronze $600 shipped PayPal ff or you pay fees. Missing one screw from right side cheek riser. I didn’t know it was missing until I took the pics and have been using it. Couple small scratches where you insert mag and a tiny nick on top.
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    Ejector mark ?

    I’m trying to work up a load for a new keystone barrel. It’s a 6.5 creedmoor at 26 inches and shoots factory hornady 140 eld great. Lapua sp brass full length resized to saami specs cci br4 40.6 grains h4350 seated 25 thousandths off lands and tried 31 thousandths off which is factory hornady...
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    MPA chassis ? on barrel contour

    What barrel contour is the largest you can put in a mpa ba chassis? I know a 26 inch m24 will fit but wanted to go 28 inches and m24 only goes to 26 inches. Thanks
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    Primers for 6.5 creed with hornady brass?

    I am loading once fired factory hornady brass with 140 eld's. I have been using federal 210's. I'm out and somehow ordered 215's. Any feedback on these? Also what CCI primers should I try while I'm ordering?
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    Help. I'm stumped on a MPA switch lug

    I started having problems a couple months back. My MPA 6.5 creedmoor started shooting overpressure with Hornady eldm 140 grain. This was all of a sudden. This rifle had about 700 rounds of 140 eld without a hiccup. I never shot anything else the eld's shot so good. I had given the rifle a...
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    Which 6.5 die set?

    I getting started reloading for my 6.5 creedmoor. I bought a rcbs rock chucker supreme and chargemaster lite but need to buy dies still. My friend is using the rcbs match die set. I really like top loading the bullet in these. Anything others I should consider before I pick up the same...