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  1. OLD308


    Trim-it 2 with .308 and .223 bushings. Used for 200 rounds in 308. The .223 never been used. Comes with everything you see. Only missing the 03 hex keys. $110 shipped PayPal F&F
  2. OLD308

    Lehigh Defence .338 250g M.S.

    Anybody have experience with these in a 338LM Improved or otherwise. Not shooting to transonic distances. Don’t care about ELR records. Not hunting with them. COAL not an issue. Thanks.
  3. OLD308

    Old Mag Identification

    Anyone remember who made these? Must be getting old as I can’t, and their mine. They go to my old 338LM IP from decades again. Note the side mag release. No marking on the DBM. I could have bet I bought the DBM and mags from CheyTac with the break. Told me at the time Seekins made it. Seekins...
  4. OLD308

    PatrickChewing GTO

    @PatrickChewing Items received as promised. Communication was excellent, delivered in timely manner.
  5. OLD308


    Original owner 2,000 rounds. Prefers Eley ammo over Lapua Kidd receiver Clark’s Custom Barrel .920 threaded Volquartson trigger group Victor company Titan stock Burris Signature XTR rings Bushnell Nitro 6-24x50 Deploy Mil FFP RTIC hard case 04 10round ruger $1,600 shipped (48) insurance on you...
  6. OLD308


    Just shy of 1,000 through it. So bolt still breaking in. Original owner 18” m40ish contour Vudoo DMB McMillan A3-5 Custom paint with QDs, action bedded. 04 mags with 02 mag carriers Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 5-25 mil/mil AADMOUNT Scope Caps Burris Signature XTR rings TriggerTech Special RTIC hard...
  7. OLD308

    bribri GTG

    @bribri Professional communication, prompt shipping, received as described. Buy with confidence.
  8. OLD308

    DFW machinist

    Looking for a DFW area machinist. Main requirements are the ability to cut, thread, time muzzle devises, bolt knobs, and other quick turnaround jobs. Basic gunsmithing knowledge would be great but not required. Not looking for rifle builder, I have one. Just need someone closer to properly and...
  9. OLD308

    LoanHarvey GTG

    @LoanHarvey Received trimmer as described. No drama, fast shipping, outstanding packaging. Perfect transaction.
  10. OLD308

    ryanowarrior GTG

    Gauge received as described, no drama. @ryanowarrior
  11. OLD308

    Rogue111 GTG

    Dies received as described with fast delivery. No sale drama, good communication. @Rogue111
  12. OLD308

    z71rat GTG

    Barrel recurved as described and in time. Drama less transaction.
  13. OLD308

    Tcamel4 GTG

    Bought a set of dies from @tcamel4 Arrived as described and fast. Happy with the exchange.
  14. OLD308

    .223 bolt action builder

    I have the stock, M5 bottom metal, trigger, and trued 700 action. Need mags and a barrel M40/M24 contour (prefer about 20"). I want the rifle to reliably mag feed the highest BC bullet I can fit in there. I reload. So far it looks like the 77 TMK. Will not Ackly improve. What chamber and why...
  15. OLD308

    Base to Ojive measuring

    I have a Innovative Technologies case and bullet measuring device. I also have all the Hornady accessories for dial calipers (Mitutoyo digital). So far I have performed the same operation using both systems on 3 different sessions (SMK bullets). Other than the outliners, the reading are all over...
  16. OLD308

    Vapor Trail Tactical: Sean Little

    Vapor Trail Tactical, Sean Little USMC So today a fellow Jarhead and I hired Sean Little of Vapor Trail Tactical for a bit of training. I had never heard of Vapor Trail Tactical or Sean Little before, not that that means anything. The day started with the basic dope conformation and a review of...
  17. OLD308

    FS Bottom metal and Rings

    Rings are Leupold Mark 4 1.125 30mm never lapped. $75 shipped Remington 700 SA BDL complete bottomed metal. $100 shipped Savage Model 10 top bolt release factory DBM with mag. $100 shipped PayPal for payment.
  18. OLD308

    F class TR or Palma?

    Looking at getting into competitive shooting again. It's been a long time so I'm a bit behind the times. Can't get interested in the PRS/NRL stuff, save NRL22. So it looks like F class TR or Palma. Funny thing is, I'm too old for Facebook. The rest of the internet, to include this Forum, is void...