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  1. HansohnBrothers

    CGS mod 9 or rugged obsidian 9

    The Rugged Obsidian 3 lug adapter spring is very strong. You have to insure is seats all the way before twisting into the locked position.
  2. HansohnBrothers

    Ti can in a barrel vise?

    Vox Blox. One of my most used tools in the shop.
  3. HansohnBrothers

    A Noob's thoughts on his first rifle suppressor. Spoiler: TBAC hype is real

    Flash hiders are, for me: Less annoying when shooting unsuppressed, both noise and in low light No need to time Still bitter about the '94 AWB The largest cartridge I shoot is 6.5CM, no need for a brake Have you seen the TBAC flash hider? Piece of art! Certainly there are times when a brake...
  4. HansohnBrothers

    A Noob's thoughts on his first rifle suppressor. Spoiler: TBAC hype is real

    Indeed, the hype is justified, TBAC is just that good. My first long range shoot I had the same setup (except a Mark 5 Leupold) and was extremely pleased. I prefer the flash hider to the brake.
  5. HansohnBrothers

    Issue with Thread Size/Muzzle Device (5/8-24 to 1/2-28)

    I understand now. I wonder if ECCO Machine can convert the SOCOM to 1.375x24 threads? I think rethreading a brake is worth investigating. Call Morgan at Class3machine.
  6. HansohnBrothers

    Precision Suppressor

    If not TBAC, the Dead Air Nomad Ti should serve you well.
  7. HansohnBrothers

    Issue with Thread Size/Muzzle Device (5/8-24 to 1/2-28)

    I avoid those adapters as much as possible. The Rex MG series uses threaded mounts, we have the 5/8x24 mount available. Or, you can go with the Griffin Plan A and use their taper mounts on everything with no need to move parts around. I personally feel 1/2x28 threads should only be used on...
  8. HansohnBrothers

    Suppressed 9mm single shot T/C rifle.

    Should perform well, those Bullberry barrels are very nice. So, you're making a 9mm can? 🤔
  9. HansohnBrothers


    Ordered! Should have them by March (estimated) according to TBAC. Be sure to join the waitlist!
  10. HansohnBrothers

    Rex Silentium suppressors?

    We sell them and I think they offer fantastic value. Good suppression, 17-4 stainless and good customer support. I think their promo is still running, use coupon code 2020SUCKS. We are sold out but you can order direct from them.
  11. HansohnBrothers

    Suppressor recomendation

    No, I have not tested the Mod X.
  12. HansohnBrothers

    Best online trust for supressor and sbr

    We are a fan of Gun Trust Guru and recommend them to all our clients.
  13. HansohnBrothers

    Suppressor recomendation

    The results are here.
  14. HansohnBrothers

    Accuracy issues with can

    Some silencer and rifle combinations just don't work well together. I suspect the weight of Sandman-L is causing the issue. What taper barrel?
  15. HansohnBrothers

    Does this sound right

    Check the mount.
  16. HansohnBrothers

    KGM R-Series Suppressors?

    I don't think they are out yet but I'm interested as well.
  17. HansohnBrothers

    Smallest barrel diameter to thread a barrel 5/8-24.

    I recommend you send your rifle to TBAC and have them install a muzzle indexed brake.
  18. HansohnBrothers

    I need an Omega Titanium EndCap!...

    Productions schedules have been pushed out by 4~5 months, we hope to have them by December.
  19. HansohnBrothers

    Thunder Beast Dominus

    I was told they will be available in about 4 months.
  20. HansohnBrothers

    Wanting an Ultra 5 or 7, out of stock everywhere.

    We are out of 5, but have plenty of Ultra 7 in stock. If your dealer is Silencer Shop Powered, they can use your SS account to submit the form 4. If you need a dealer, you can use our Dealer Locator to find one...