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    just in case anyone was interstead .

    Dang a little late
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    WTB Glock 34 or 40 MOS

    Sent you a PM
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    Powder at midway!

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    6mm BR

    No but have read it is prone to carbon rings.
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    Suppressor Recoil Reduction: 338 Ultra vs Ultra 7

    I have a Ultra 7 also but have a 338 Ultra in jail. Hopefully in the next month or two I'll let you know how they compare. I chose to the Ultra 7 as the do everything can. Decided to get the 338 for the range for extra suppression and recoil reduction. Plan now is to use the ultra 7 for...
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    MRAD or Custom Rifle

    Nice problem to have. I have a friend with that impact set up and its so nice. I got to shoot the MRAD in 300 Norma and 6.5 creed last year at the Precision Rifle Expo and really loved those as well. I don't know who set those two MRAD's up but they just fit me so well and shooting them...
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    Shout out to MDT and TBAC

    I had a couple screw ups on my part with products from both companies. Totally my fault. I lost the mag catch and spring to my ACC chassis. I called MDT to buy new ones and they sent them out next day and wouldn’t take my money. End cap from my new 22 takedown got stuck on the end of my...
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    6mm BR

    I use CLR to clean the bore in my other rifles. Not every cleaning but will with this barrel b/c I’ll be using Varget.
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    6 br go / no go gauges

    Anybody know where any are in stock? Got 6 br barrel incoming with nut system I need to head space. I ordered a set of gauges from PT&G a couple weeks ago. I called today to check on them and they are saying another month before they ship. Barrel will probably be here in a couple weeks and...
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    140 eld’s have shot great In mine and two other friends. Berger 130 hybrids were even better. I would give them a try plus you get lapua brass to save in case you ever start reloading.
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    TBAC Ultra 7 ?

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    OCW help

    I was doing a seating depth test with 41.8 when I shot that good group. I loaded 50 that night and shot that sunday and didn't perform like I wanted. The brass was sized at the same time for both days and same lot powder and bergers so it was probably just me. I'll shoot it again this...
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    OCW help

    This load was 41.8. It was probably me having a bad day on sunday or I just got really lucky on that group saturday. I'll go back and shoot these again this weekend. Thanks
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    OCW help

    I’m going to do the ocw test over again this weekend with the lab radar. Also try that load again. 👍
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    OCW help

    No pressure signs. I only went to 42.0 grains. I have a Labrador on the way so I can get speeds and make a better judgement on what to do a seating depth test on next.