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  1. Datsrboi

    SOLD- SWFA HD 5-20X Illum mil/mil W/Acc

    Seller : Dat Location: DFW Texas Shipping: Will ship fedex with tracking and signature required Price: SOLD I have for sale my original owner SWFA 5-20 illuminated mil/mil with throw lever, vortex bubble and seekins ring. I have a few SWFA optics and still do. Only reason I am selling it is...
  2. Datsrboi

    What does your tool box look like?

    I know most people on here are hard working tool wrenching beasts. Money has always gone into my toys but recently finally invested in some nicer tools and clean up. I even have a drawer for building gun tools. Let me see what you guys/gals have.
  3. Datsrboi

    Thank you Mile High/Mike from Texas

    Came all the way from DFW Texas for a wedding and Mile High Shooting was on top of my list of must visit after hearing about it so much from the podcast. Wanted to see the place myself and maybe get to meet Mike and Frank. Showed up with my wife and look like two Asian tourist. They did not...
  4. Datsrboi

    SWFA 5-20HD 9 yrs later. Is NF 5-25ATACR really needed?

    I tried asking this in many places but its hard to get a true answer as most people have no experience with SWFA. Those who do did not have them long nor have much feedback. Because of that I am going back to the place that made it as strong gas it did. Please forgive me as I am always trying to...
  5. Datsrboi

    6.5 creedmoor throat erosion at 1k rounds

    For those who shoots 6.5 creedmoor. At 200 rounds I measure 2.235 and lately at 1000 rounds I notice my same group .4 at 200 yards grew to almost 1 inch at 200. Remeasure my throat and it’s now at 2.253. Coming from a 308 world I didn’t expect to check them this early. It is interesting and...
  6. Datsrboi

    Seeking Advice- Same load batch different results

    I was wondering if anyone could shine some light on this. Rifle: Savage 12 action manners stock with Bartlien barrel (400 rounds through the barrel including todays shot. Cleaned at 100 rounds and again recently at 300 rounds) SWFA scope with seekin rings and base. Reloading gear: Lee Classic...
  7. Datsrboi

    Manners Stock with thumbscrew access adjustable cheek-rest mod : Does it still exist?

    I think it was 4-5 years ago someone had a group buy or something about a thumbscrew adjustable check rest mod and I can not seem to find it to see if it still exist. Does anyone know what ever happen to it and if they still make them? I see switching from bench to prone and different position...
  8. Datsrboi

    Savage 12 with Manners stock & SS 5x20x50

    Savage12 308 Mannesr T5 midnight camo stock SWFA 5x20x50 SS Seekin base & rings Atlas Bipod .4inch 5 shoot grouping at 100 *on the target paper-This was an after photo after I had removed the 1 inch dot that I had place on the paper to stick it to my scope as an accomplishment
  9. Datsrboi

    Are there correct way to measure AMax COL?

    I am new to hand load and just today I notice an issue at the run range as to why my shots were not consistent. While loading a whole new back I decided to remeasure my COL with 168 Amax and notice the reading when measuring it with my gauge were different from my first one. I grab another...