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  1. Wyfox

    SPF Complete Rem 700 factory bolt .308

    Complete factory Remington 700 bolt with 308(.473) bolt face. $SPF150 shipped usps mo or PPff
  2. Wyfox

    Tagged out in Wyoming

    Had a great season this year. Started it off with a 81" antelope taken with my PVA 6.5 Saum 129gr LRAB at 180yds 15 minutes into opening morning of rifle season I took this 6pt bull at 450yds with my Altus 300 Norma and a 210gr LRAB. Last night I filled my general season deer tag. 11 miles...
  3. Wyfox

    6.5 PRC once fired Hornady brass(159)

    159 pieces Hornady 6.5 PRC brass Shot from a Seekins Havak $140 shipped pp gift or usps mo
  4. Wyfox

    Badger Ordnance 1 piece 34mm mount

    Badger Ordnance 1 piece 0 moa 1.5" 34mm $150 shipped
  5. Wyfox

    SoldHawkins M5 SA bottom metal w/AI mag

    Hawkins M5 bottom metal Short action Limited Breast Cancer Ribbon edition With 5rd AICS Accuracy International mag $200 shipped
  6. Wyfox

    Sold Mcmillan M40A1 HTG SA TL3 forest camo

    Mcmillan HTG M40A1 stock Forest molded camo Bighorn TL3 SA inlet Badger M5 bottem metal inlet M24/Proof Sendero barrel inlet 1/2" red packmayr pad 4 flush cups Action and bottom metal bedded by PVA Saddle leather cheek piece velcro'd on Small repair with devcon where bolt release was inletted...
  7. Wyfox

    SPF Seekins MCSR 15" AR15 Keymod rail

    Seekins MCSR AR15 rail 15" Keymod W/barrel nut Suppressor will fit inside rail $100 shipped
  8. Wyfox

    TradedS&B 5-20 Ultra Short Tremor2 black

    Schmidt & Bender 5-20x50mm Ultra Short Black CCW ST Non-Illuminated Tremor 2 W/Tenebrex caps One very small nick in anodizing seen in pic. $traded2600 shipped
  9. Wyfox

    SPFHuber Single stage 1.5# Trigger

    Huber Single stage 1.5 pound $Pending trade 175 shipped Trade for quality 2 stage AR15 trigger.
  10. Wyfox

    SPF ARC Rings M10 34mm low .94"

    American Rifle Co. M10 Rings 34mm Low .94" $150 shipped
  11. Wyfox

    Sold Spuhr SP-4036 34mm 1.36"

    Spuhr SP-4036 34mm 0moa 1.36" W/wedge and box Works with Schmidt & Bender Ultra Short or any 34mm scope. $280 shipped
  12. Wyfox

    Sold Filson XL Duffle bag Otter green

    Excellent condition Filson XL duffle bag (36" 135 liter) Otter Green I think i've used it twice in the 15 years I've had it. Lowered to $300 shipped
  13. Wyfox

    Altus Shooting Impact/Proof Carbon/6.5cm/Huber barreled action

    Altus Shooting Solutions(CORE Shooting Solutions marked) Barreled action Impact 737 Proof Research 20" Sendero 1-8" 5/8-24 (brake not included) 6.5 creedmoor Huber single stage 1.5# trigger 2 trigger hangers Round count 241 with documentation Shoots great, just need another scope for a new...
  14. Wyfox

    Spf Badger M5 gen 2 DBM

    I have a used Badger M5 gen 2 DBM. Screws are new and unaltered. DBM was cut for Timney trigger install. $160 shipped spf
  15. Wyfox

    SoldGAP 6.5 saum Badger 2013, Manners T6A, Bartlein

    GA Precision barreled action Built 10/2014 Badger 2013 action 24" Bartlein GAP #6 8.5 twist 6.5 saum .081 .296 reamer Cerakote Burnt bronze/black Cerakote Microslick bolt Manners Elite T6A GAP camo W/ 2 left QD and forend rail PTG M5 bottom metal 1 Accurate WSM 3rd mag Rem 40x trigger Round...
  16. Wyfox

    Glock 19 gen3 complete slide nickel boron

    Complete factory Glock 19 Gen 3 slide Milled with front serrations and other cuts. Nickel Boron coated slide and barrel All work done by Legal Manufacturing on factory Glock Barrel is new 0 rounds fired, approx 200 rounds on slide. Factory plastic glock sights $sold shipped
  17. Wyfox

    SoldSitka Gear Stormfront hard shell XL

    Sitka Gear Stormfront jacket X-large Optifade Hard shell gore-tex jacket Used but in great shape, it spent more time rolled up in my pack then being worn. $sold250
  18. Wyfox

    SoldSchmidt Bender PMII 5-25x56 DT P4F CCW

    I have a like new S&B 5-25x56 P4F mil DT .1mil CCW turret Illuminated W/ Tenebrex front cap Virtex Defender rear cap Manual and cleaning kit No box SOLD $2200 shipped US only PP Gift or USPS MO
  19. Wyfox

    WTB AI AW/AE 2.0 FDE thumbhole skins

    Looking for AI AW/AE or AICS flat dark earth 2.0 folder thumbhole skins. I want to convert my pistol grip to thumbhole so if you just have the rear skins available that works too.
  20. Wyfox

    Best reticle for ELR?

    Just picked up a 338 Norma for ELR and need to pick up an optic. Looking at 2000-3000yds and will eventually get a 300 Norma barrel too. Looking mostly at Schmidt and Bender, are the H59 and Tremor 3 the best option for ELR? Open to opinions and suggestions