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    Primer Seating Tool

    What primer seating tool do you have and which would you most like to have and use?
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    Never Do It Again

    Went to the range again today to re-zero and gather some dope at 300 and 600 yds. Couldn’t see impacts on paper at 600 so decided to drive down and see where I was. Based on location of poa vs poi it looked like about 2 mph of wind. I pulled the paper not wanting to spoil a nice 3 shot group ...
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    Berger 105 Hybrid vs. Lapua 105 Scenar L

    Comments from anyone who has live fire experience with both of these projectiles would be welcome. I have shot the Bergers and know they have a higher BC. Just curious about the Scenar Ls. Were your best load charges significantly different? Fussiness about seating depth? Thanks.
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    Load Development 6mm CM, What Do You Think?

    Here is some data in chart form that I collected today. Details: MPA rifle, Curtis Axiom WTO Switchlug, 26 in Spencer/MPA barrel, 6mm CM, 80 rounds of factory ammo fired prior to today. Barrel cleaned of carbon, 5 rounds factory ammo fired today prior to testing, charges fired round robin...
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    Lapua SRP Brass and Lee Collet Neck Sizing Die

    Is anyone using the Lee Collet Die with Lapua small flash hole brass? How did/do you deal with the larger diameter decapping pin for the die? Turn down the pin or enlarge the flash hole? Or?
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    Funny Hunting Stories

    Thought it might be fun to relate some humorous stories from hunting adventures. I recall a handgun javenlina hunt in Arizona when a friend of my son thought he made a great shot on one that was pretty far away. He made a humane kill on a javelina that was probably a week old and weighed about 3...
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    Where Can I Buy a Brain?

    I am a complete fucking idiot. Just spent an hour on the road to the range, painted steel, set up targets, unloaded my gear and discovered I left my rifle at home. ???? EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention that just before I left for the range my wife observed that I didn’t seem to be taking as much...
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    Is It An Invasion?

    US Border Patrol boat shot at from Mexican riverbank
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    Light weight shooting glove recommendations

    I am thinking about some light weight gloves for use in cold, but not extreme weather, not in the rain (too lazy for that). I used to fly open cockpit with some Air Force nomex gloves that might do the trick. Wish I could remember where I put them... haven’t flown for 20 years now. I could get...
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    Berger 6mm CM 105 gr Hybrid Match Ammo

    Shot a new barrel yesterday, 35 rounds using Berger match ammo 26” Spencer barrel 6mm Creedmoor 105 gr hybrids Avg MV 2911 fps SD 11 ES 44 Used 4DOF and shot paper at 100, 300 and 600 yards. The computed elevation was spot on at 300 and 0.16 moa high at 600 with 0.5 to 0.75 moa groups. I’ll...
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    A-TIP Bullet Lengths

    OK beat me with a board with a nail in it of this is the wrong forum. I have been searching for specs on bullet length for the new A-TIP bullets from Hornady and can’t find it on their site or on JB. I would like to run some speculative loads in a couple of ballistic solvers that ask for bullet...
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    Forster Press at Brownells

    For anyone looking, I just found the Forster coax press in stock at Brownells. Also, Midway has 10% off on some optics, just ordered the Vortex Fury gen 2.... so many goodies, alas, so little $$$.
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    Berger 6.5 CM ammo powder

    I tried out the Berger 6.5 ammo with 130 gr hybrids this past weekend. Usually I handload this projectile in Lapua brass with RL16 and get 2920 fps. Since Berger indicates 2921 fps from the same length barrel I’m using, thought I would give theirs a try to see how it compared (and save the Lapua...
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    6.5 CM Load/Seating Data

    Attached is the data collected today at the range. Only the 100 yard range was open. This is for 41.8 grains of RL16 pushing 130 grain Berger hybrids from Lapua brass, CCI 450 primers, MPA (Spencer) 26 inch barrel. Advice and comments welcome. I think I like the seating at 10 thou off the lands...
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    Concentricity Observations

    Projectile Runout: A summary of measurements obtained from a small sample of newly loaded rounds of 6.5CM ammunition Materials: 24 new, unfired Lapua cases, (16) Berger 130gr hybrid projectiles, (8) 122 gr Warner Flatline projectiles Methods: Cases were full length sized in a Redding standard...
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    Lapua Scenar Projectile Diagrams/Dimensions

    Does anyone have a link to diagrams and/or dimensions of Lapua Scenar bullets in 6.5mm and 6.0mm? Looking for bullet base to ogive length, base to start of bearing surface length, length of bearing surface, overall length. I searched the web but didn’t find the info, but hey I’m a guy... we...
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    Misfire Diagnosis Help Needed

    I have a new 6.5 CM MPA build (planning to talk with them tomorrow) that is misfiring on 1/3 of my handloads. These are loads that have never misfired in my Bergara. They consist of Lapua brass, fired 3-4X, fully resized .005 shorter on headspace than post firing and within spec. Case length is...
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    Anyone shooting Flatline in MPA 6.5 CM

    I’m considering an MPA 6.5 CM prospective build. Has anyone using this rifle shot Flatline projectiles from it? I’m interested in cartridge OAL / seating depth, and any experience with problems (or lack of problems) feeding from the mag with bullets seated to longer than 2.82 OAL. Thanks for...
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    Revic Calibration

    Having failed to find any reviews that talked about tracking and calibration of the Revic PMR 428, I fabricated a stable off-rifle mounting platform and went to the range today. I set up a commercial calibrated target at 100 yards. As currently set up I have 47 moa of up adjustment available. I...
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    Revic Scope deal

    For any who may be interested and are willing to use an moa scope, the Revic PMR 428 is available on Optics Planet for $2299. They also are showing a 10% off offer on purchases ove $75. Heck of a deal, got mine today. They show 4 left in stock.