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    Both father & Son Connect on Wolves!

    How awesome is this?? Congrats to everyone!
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    Need wind meter advice

    Im feeling overwhelmed with all of the info out there on wind meters. Im sure this question has been asked before, but I just haven't found it yet. I am happy with my Knights Bullet flight M app on my iPhone and the down range results. I am near good reception, but the nearest airport readings...
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    Wolf Hat Trick!

    This guy is really getting the job done! Congrats to him!
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    Icon disappeared from Podbean app

    I still have my playlist, but the SH Icon is gone. Anyone else having this issue? Thx!
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    TAC-A1 Rail, Rings advice needed

    I have a Tikka TAC A-1 and a Leupold Mark V w/56mm bell and a 35mm tube. This is in a 6.5 CM, and would like to get set up to go 1 1/2 miles, or further if I can. Could you please recommend which rail and rings I should get? Please and thank you very much!
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    Best tripod height for NPA, while using a tripod, sitting in a chair

    I just finished having my system put together, and I am wanting to practice dry firing with my rifle mounted on a tripod, while sitting on a three legged blind chair. I am seeing 2 different heights. One is a perfect butt/shoulder location, or a perfect scope/eye location. All of this is with...
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    WTB: Bix n Andy for Tikka T3

    Bullet central is out. Anyone know where i could find one?? Thx!!
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    Which bipod for arca swiss rail?

    I will be getting an area 419 area arca lock 12 inch rail for my coyote rig that I will be using mainly with a RRS SOAR anvil head and a shadow tech tripod. I already have a harris 3-9'' notched swivel bipod, but I am in the market for a bipod that pans well. Thanks for any and all...
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    Hog Saddle tripod question

    I have a PIG0311-G tripod along with a pig saddle. After i clamp my rifle in, all set up tight and ready to go, I am still getting 1 inch or better of vertical movement. Is there anyway to help eliminate this movement? Thx in advance!
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    Young Man Smokes 2 Wolves!

    Awesome stuff! Congrats to this young man!!
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    Proper use of came veil.

    Does anyone have a link in the proper way to use a camouflaged veil when using it to go on top and around your rig and keep it in position with in 10 mph winds?? I still hunt/snipe coyotes at distance while siting in a blind chair & using a tripod. What is the proper way to keep a cut opening...
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    Save money with older model?

    I am wanting what everyone wants. A great tracking scope for cheap. My question is, can a person say go with a older scope that has a great track record for tracking and reliability and save money by getting a older model scope? A S&B, Nightforce, etc? It doesn’t have to be the latest/greatest...
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    Portable Power for iPhone

    Just got a incase 5400 portable power. Gives 2 full charges on your iPhone. Very nice when sitting in a blind. Cheers!
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    7MM Rem Mag Problem

    I am reloading for a rem 700 in 7mm rem mag. I am having problem with extraction with my reloads. Factory cycles fires fine. Mine load smooth. Only after firing I am getting stiff bolt lift. Loads with 100 grain sierra and 140 bergers. Sent 5 fired cases to redding. I am using type s full length...
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    1974 6.5-20 x 40mm AO

    I have just received a 1974 6.5-20 x 40mm Vari III. I can really tell it is not even close to the clarity of my VX3 4.5-14 that is about 5 years old. My question is if I send this scope back to leupold for some rehab work, how much improvement should I expect on such an older model scope...
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    Coyote Attack!

    The city needs to handout permits to responsible hunters to thin these critters out!Man suffers injuries while fighting off 3 attacking coyotes |
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    Total Time for Perfect Reloads?

    Seems like it takes me most of a day. From cleaning brass, segregating cases, etc. I am against the clock now, getting ready for an elk hunt. Just a thought. Thanks!
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    Building wall to catch brass

    At the local gun club they are wanting to build a wall to catch brass. I was looking for ideas that would help funnel brass to a confined area. Maybe a box on the bottom with an open top. Any suggestions would help. Thx SH members!
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    Feds de list gray wolves

    Go get em hide members!! Now the elk & mule deer might have a chance! Gray Wolves No Longer Protected By Federal Government |
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    Recommended Elk Guide

    I am looking to book a rifle elk hunt for this fall. Not particular where. 3-5 hunters. What is the going rate in a high percentage area? The elk do not have to be world records. Thank You for your help!