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  1. Wyfox

    Pig 0311tripod issues

    Mine did the same, contacted them and shipped it out. Had it back quickly and never an issue again after a few years.
  2. Wyfox

    My best Muley Hunt here in Idaho!

    Great looking buck, congrats! FYI, All the big Wyoming bucks migrated to Colorado
  3. Wyfox

    SPF Complete Rem 700 factory bolt .308

    Sold pending funds
  4. Wyfox

    SPF Complete Rem 700 factory bolt .308

    Yes it's short action, pm sent
  5. Wyfox

    SPF Complete Rem 700 factory bolt .308

    Complete factory Remington 700 bolt with 308(.473) bolt face. $SPF150 shipped usps mo or PPff
  6. Wyfox

    2020 Hunting Thread: Post Your Kills!

    I'll help get this thread started Daughters booner Guided a good friend from Michigan to this 85" booner
  7. Wyfox

    2020 Hunting Thread: Post Your Kills!

    Great buck! Congrats
  8. Wyfox

    Tagged out in Wyoming

    Thanks David! I appreciate the compliment! I give it my best every year, not getting any younger.
  9. Wyfox

    Tagged out in Wyoming

    Thank you I'm still feeling the deer packout today, that one was brutal steep country with the whole deer in one trip.
  10. Wyfox

    Tagged out in Wyoming

    Thanks! All public land, I was bowhunting the unit in September so I scouted out a good spot for opener of rifle which worked perfect, 3 miles in.
  11. Wyfox

    Tagged out in Wyoming

    Had a great season this year. Started it off with a 81" antelope taken with my PVA 6.5 Saum 129gr LRAB at 180yds 15 minutes into opening morning of rifle season I took this 6pt bull at 450yds with my Altus 300 Norma and a 210gr LRAB. Last night I filled my general season deer tag. 11 miles...
  12. Wyfox

    What is this pelt

    Thats a Kangaroo pelt
  13. Wyfox

    6.5 PRC once fired Hornady brass(159)

    159 pieces Hornady 6.5 PRC brass Shot from a Seekins Havak $140 shipped pp gift or usps mo
  14. Wyfox

    Anybody have poor results with the 143 ELDX?

    Same results for me too, tried the 143eldx and 140eldm on deer in 6.5saum and 6.5cm. No expansion on several deer, zero blood trail. Switched to 129gr Longrange accubond with incredible results.
  15. Wyfox

    Difference between 6.5 Saum vs 6.5 Saum 4s?

    saum and Gap 4s are the same. When GA Precision had Hornady make brass they named it GAP 4S meaning "Gnats Ass Precision Super Secret Squirrel Shit" I have 2, one marked 6.5 saum and the other gap 4s, I use ADG 6.5 saum brass in both. I have also used Hornady and Bertram in both. Lots of...
  16. Wyfox

    self winding tactical watches.... suggestions please

    I've worn a Marathon GSAR auto everyday for 5 years, super robust. I've fired over 70,000 pistol rds with the watch on with no ill effect. For about a G its the best bang for the buck in the auto timepiece world.
  17. Wyfox

    Bottom metal question (first post)?

    It's a drop belly stock, the dbm would be recessed inside the stock and not look correct.