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  1. Vidar

    *SPF*Viper PST II 5-25 x 50 Mil Mil

    Selling only because I need to pay for a new AC. Scope is nearly brand new and has no marks on it and the glass is 100% perfect. I might still have the original box as well. Sunshade from the factory is included. I would prefer to sell as 1 unit but willing to seperate. $for the scope and...
  2. Vidar

    SPF DT SRS A1 Covert 300WM

    This absolutely kills me to post, but life has happened and left me in need of a new AC unit. I bought this from another hide member a few months ago and have only fired 20 rounds down the tube. The previous owner said that there were 400 rounds down the tube so the total should be 420. The...
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    SOLD Please delete

  4. Vidar

    All SPF 450 Busmaster brass and dies for sale!

    I am cleaning out my reloading bench and I came across a bunch of brass and dies that I won't need. I never reloaded for either and this stuff is just taking up space. All the dies are new and in great condition. 100 -once fired Alexander Arms 50 Beowulf brass. SPF 200(probably more)- once...
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    Sold, please remove.
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    Hey all, I am selling this pistol for my father because he is getting a bit too old to rack the slide anymore. He has only put two mags through the pistol. The laser is also very lightly used and is the Crimson Trace green laser model. The front sight on this one is red(pic doesnt show it)...
  7. Vidar

    BNIB Accurate Mag 300 WM 3.850 mag

    Like the title states never opened Accurate Mag 5 round 3.850 length. Asking $85.00 shipped. Thanks!
  8. Vidar

    All sold-RPR 300 PRC factory barrel and factory Handguard

    I sold my RPR magnum in 300 PRC and I have some things left over that I want to sell. 1. Ruger 300 PRC OEM barrel o rounds fired on it. $150.00 2. Ruger RPR handguard $125.00 Buy both for $180.00 shipped!
  9. Vidar

    SOLD, please delete

    Sold locally, thanks
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    Removed, thanks!
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    SPF WTT/WTS ARC QDL 30mm mount $200

    Hey all, Looking to trade a high version for the high/medium M10 rings(+ a little cash). I love the mount but I prefer the rings. Has been used but is in great condition. If you want to buy the mount I would sell it for $200 shipped. Thanks!
  12. Vidar

    Warning Crux Suppressors

    Hey all, If you are on the fence or considering purchasing a Crux suppressor I would run away from them now. I have one and it has not worked from day one. The can leaks at both ends and sent my suppressor cover flying down range after a shot. I reached out to them to have the suppressor...
  13. Vidar

    WTB Fostech Origin 12

    Looking to see what's out there. Any one have one that they dont want or need? Has anyone owned one and didnt like it? Thanks!
  14. Vidar

    300 WSM AR info

    I'm about to buy a KAK 300 WSM and I would like to get some info from those that have one. Or if you have another recommendation for an upper in 300 WSM. Thanks!
  15. Vidar

    Bench Clean Sale

    Hey guys, Like the title says, getting rid of clutter for Xmas Cash! Up first: 338 Federal RCBS AR dies, very lightly used- $40.00+Shipping 60 Rounds of once fired Federal 338 brass-$30.00+shipping LOADED AMMO 200 Grain Federal Trophy rounds- $25, Federal Fusion 200gr $20 + shipping Or buy...
  16. Vidar

    Quickload help needed for 338 FEDERAL LOAD

    Hey guys, I am in need of some Quickload help. I want to see how well Leghigh Defense 338 103gr CQB rounds perform in 338 FEDERAL AR. I am thinking these bullets can be loaded to fly really fast and can really fold up lighter game animals. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  17. Vidar

    Barrett 98 B Lightweight/Tactictical No love??

    I am surprised that I haven't found much on this site about these rifles. I see lots of love for the MRAD but not the lighter version of the 98 B. Anyone own one of these rifles?