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  1. smoothy8500

    Any benefits of a heavy buffer in an Aero Precision 308 with A2 stock?

    I built it with Criterion heavy 20" barrel and adj gas block for NRA LR Service Rifle. I noticed that when the gas adjustment is set for reliable operation ( Odin works, 7-8 "clicks" open) I'm showing a forward ejection pattern and slight ejector swipes. With the gas system closed, no signs of...
  2. smoothy8500

    How accurate are Electronic target's terminal velocity readings?

    ShotMarker or SilverMountain/SOLO are pretty common now in NRA F-class matches and gives us those readings at distance, just curious if they are "correct"? They seem pretty consistent from one mfr to another.
  3. smoothy8500

    Strelok Pro "calculating vertical deflection as a percent of crossswind"

    Recently installed Strelok and just going through settings to familiarize myself with the program. Looks like the default setting is 10% of the crosswind is factored into the elevation solution? I remember something from high school physics about spinning objects creating lift. I'm assuming...
  4. smoothy8500

    Leupold Vari-X III L/R Tactical M3 3.5-10X40

    Older Vari-X III Tactical, the predecessor to the MK 4 series scopes. Second Focal Plane SFP Duplex reticle 30mm tube M3 CCW up/right direction Knobs for 308 M 168gr, 300 Win-mag, 175 RDF (Leupold custom shop) Leupold branded Butler Creek scope caps *rings/mount not included* Over a year ago...
  5. smoothy8500

    Wilson 308 Winchester case gage

    Used, no rust or dings. I have one 308 gage available, others are sold. $23 shipped
  6. smoothy8500

    AR 308 barrel twist rate

    Looking at 20" .308 Criterion barrels for a 308 AR build, 1-10 or 1-11. I normally use 175's for all my loads when shooting NRA midrange and long-range (800-1K). Tech at Criterion says either will work fine. My F-T/R rifle is 1-10 and the LRB M14 is 1-11 and both do the 175's fine. Just looking...
  7. smoothy8500

    **sold**Vortex 34mm rings

    I have two sets, used but very good shape. 1.10" from base to scope center sku PMR-34-1.1 1.45" from base to scope center sku PMR-34-145 $69 each, shipped
  8. smoothy8500

    **sold**Vortex 34mm rings

    Both sets sold I have two sets, used but in very good shape. 1.10" from base to scope center sku PMR-34-1.1 SPF 1.45" from base to scope center sku PMR-34-145 $69 ea shipped
  9. smoothy8500

    * TRADED* Steiner T5Xi 5-25 sale or trade

    Mil Mil SCR reticle New -unmounted Steiner that I received from the factory to replace a warranty issue. Has all acc sunshade, caps, throw lever, etc in the box. $1200 shipped/insured continental U.S. or trade for: Leupold Mk 5 3-15 (I'll add cash) T5Xi 3-15 (+/- cash on condition) Vortex Razor...
  10. smoothy8500

    Benefits of a fluted bolt?

    What are the benefits of having a bolt fluted? Is it more cosmetic than function? Or is it to clear sand/debris quickly?
  11. smoothy8500

    **Update** How much chromatic aberration is accceptable in a Steiner T5Xi?

    I recently picked up a Steiner T5Xi 5-25 (used) and was surprised by the amount of CA in the 10x thru 25x range. I have no complaints about clarity or detail at distances 800 thru 1100yds, really good resolution actually. For years I have used and still own several Leupold Mk 4's such as the...
  12. smoothy8500

    Stag556 excellent seller

    Steiner scope was exactly as described and quickly shipped.
  13. smoothy8500

    Thumb relief cut purpose?

    I understand the clip-slot purpose, but what function does the thumb relief cut on the M40 A series do?