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    A Good Hour Spent

    So it's a bit over a year old, but I hadn't seen this interview, and I find it intriguing to see such thoughtful commentary. Agree, disagree, or a bit of both regarding Victor's philosophy/outlook, it's still a damn good hour spent.
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    Building Materials Spike !

    Wholly Fallopian Tubes Batman!! What in the hell has happened to the price of building materials? Recently bought a pallet of drywall and OSB for a crafts project I'm in the middle of. Buddy of mine worked out an even better deal than what they wanted for the price drop if you buy 40 sheets...
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    Full Length Sizing. Tell Me They're Wrong.

    It's a year old vid, but 1st time I've seen it. Erik is a pretty cool dude. Literally, straight shooter. ;) Do what you want, but from what I've seen for 'many' years, most people come back around after their foolish forays and get back to FL sizing. Unleash the flame Thrower's! 😂
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    Please send some of these pieces of shit to Jail, please sweet 8 lb 4 oz baby Jesus.
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    Time To Play "What's This" Again

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    Costco & Innovel Solutions

    * R A N T * Beyond Pissed ! Getting that outta the way right off the bat. 6 minutes before 0900 when I call Costco Corporate and light them up. Will it make a difference? I dunno, but I'm gonna get some shit off my shoulders, that's for certain. Then, we're probably done with Costco and...
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    Riton vs Simmons Whitetail Classic

    Been thinking about this lately. Thoughts? 🤣
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    Just Watch It.

    With all the Bullshit going on, here's something that will warm your heart. Not enough can be said about this event, including the landing. :ROFLMAO: 97 !! Makes it bit misty up in here.......
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    That One Guy. You Tell'm Brother!!!

    Okay, it's getting really really wild out here in the "Sticks". We got like "ONE" (1) guy just tearing the place up and raising hell like we've never seen before. MN, NY, ChiTown, pffft. You want to see total chaos? The Long Beach Peninsula will never be the same after this. God Speed...
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    So lemme be so bold to ask. Who's got a Murdoch's near them? I gotta favor to ask............... 😇
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    Ok, so I got my shop floor poured yesterday and I'm gonna toss my old Refrigerator Freezer and stand alone Freezer and buy new. Or am I? Apparently I'm not. You cannot find a Freezer ANYWHERE around here, let alone a 20 cu ft one. I called Lowe's and Home Depot and got the same story...
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    OK Squirrel Fans!

    If you don't laugh your ass off to the point of tears watching this, well, you probably can't be helped.🤣
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    Sickens the hell outta me that things like this get no Press since it's obviously just to sensitive and not pushing the right agenda..... Maryland couple slain at Delaware veterans cemetery visited son’s grave almost daily, surviving son says...
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    What The Hell Is This?

    Really. What is this? I'm being asked and honestly don't know. But it's Gun related. Any guesses?
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    Hi Guys. With Franks blessing, we'd like to give you the opportunity to share with us a fund raiser for @Veer_G 's Wife. A bunch of us who hang out regularly have already passed the hat among ourselves and are more than willing to pass it again, but we'd like to give everyone the opportunity...
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    This is AWESOMENESS !!!!! Check out the SKU. You know what that is, right? HIS BDAY, bwaaaahahahaha
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    Killary and a Deposition........

    THE CLINTONS Published 26 mins ago Federal judge orders Hillary Clinton deposition to address private emails: 'Still more to learn' I know, I know, but we...
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    Bob The Bird

    If this act doesn't make you laugh a few times, you've got no soul............. Hilarious
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    Faith Restored

    This is why I think we still have a chance to regain our faith in humanity. Not a dry eye in the house.........
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    Thought It Was Supposed To Be A Snicker's

    It's amazing how granting one little request can stave off some serious shit. We've done the candy bar trick before, twice. Got a guy years ago to end a hunger strike with a piece of smoked Sturgeon. The guy was in isolation for constant observation which made it VERY easy to walk by eating a...