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  1. Nouseforaname01

    SOLD Impact, Proof Carbon, Foundation

    Recently purchased and just have a few more bolt guns than I need at this point. 1. Impact Action (AW cut will accept AW/AICS mags) 2. Proof Carbon barrel ( chambered by Deep South Tactical) 20inch sendero, 6.5CM, 8 twist, threaded 5/8x24, Area 419 Hellfire muzzle brake 3. Foundation Exodus...
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    SOLD Impact 223 Barreled Action

    For sale is my Impact 223 barreled action with a Hellfire muzzle brake, chambered by GA Precision. The barreled action has exactly 100 rounds through it of factory ammo. Sold to @NWnewguy sell does not include stock, scope, trigger, muzzle brake, or bipod
  3. Nouseforaname01

    WTS/WTT Foundation Exodus for MPA Matrix W/ Hawkins Bottom Metal

    I have a like brand new Foundation Exodus inlet for an Impact that I would like to trade for a MPA Matrix in like new condition. Trade Pending
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    Would like to buy a low round or new 6.5CM carbon prefit for an Impact.
  5. Nouseforaname01

    SOLD Origin and Straight Jacket 6.5cm Barrel (unfired)

    Purchased the action and barrel this past week and decided not to use it after all. The Origin has a standard bolt face and the Straight Jacket barrel is a Proof 20 inch medium palma, threaded, and chambered in 6.5CM. The action and the barrel are new and unfired. Prefer to keep it together for...
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    SilencerCO .556 1/2x28 ASR muzzle brake in decent shape, has been sitting at the back of the safe for a while. $40 shipped
  7. Nouseforaname01

    AICS 5 round mag with Altus Floor Plate and Primal Right 6BR kit

    AICS 5 round mag with Altus Floor Plate (Extra 2 rounds) and Primal Right 6BR kit. $95 shipped PayPal FF or buyer covers the fees
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    SOLD - APA LIttle Bastard .30 cal Muzzle Brake

    APA LIttle Bastard 30cal - 5/8X24 SOLD
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    Decided to go a different route and will not need this Badger .223 bolt, it is in excellent like new condition. $sold
  11. Nouseforaname01

    SOLD WTT/WTS Badger M2013 w/ MPA ESR Chassis

    Bought this with the intentions of shooting it, but reality is I have way too many bolt guns and could use a scope more than another rifle. Badger Ordnance M2013 S/A Melonite Finish (< 500rds) Patriot Valley Arms Barrel chambered in 6.5x47 Lapua, 22' Medium Palma 8tw threaded 5/8x24 w/ knurled...
  12. Nouseforaname01

    Loose Trigger Pin

    I have a Badger M2013 that has a loose rear trigger pin, the front is still snug but the rear just slips in and out. I was thinking of just getting some piano wire of a different diameter and making a new pin. Let me know if you have any other thoughts on how to keep the pin in?
  13. Nouseforaname01

    Sold ... Revic PMR RX1 Mil LNIB

    For sale is a like new in box Revic PMR Mil scope, I purchased it new but am having trouble viewing the HUD due to an astigmatism in my right eye. SPF $2,400 shipped for the scope $2,500 shipped for the scope and rings
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    SOLD WTT/WTS JP Enterprises .223

    For sale is my JP Enterprises CTR02 chambered in 556 (20inch barrel), I purchased the rifle used with 400 rounds and have not shot it myself. Only thing I changed out was the muzzle brake and grip. There is one small blem that I circled in red but does not hurt the performance rifle. This is a...
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    SOLD Impact Precision .223 Rem

    Up for sale is my Impact Precision barreled action built by Deep South Tactical, I purchased it and never got around to shooting it. The rifle has a 26inch 1/7 twist MTU Krieger barrel, and Little Bastard break. The rifle is unfired and in mint condition. No trigger, scope, or scope rings...
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    moved to trade for scope

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    For sale is my Kahles 525I LSW SKMR3 in like new condition, I have the original box but misplaced the manuals. I have the scope coat, and purchased some caps for it. $2,380 shipped PayPal FF or add3%
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    WTB Vudoo Carbon Fiber Barreled Action

    figured I would check here prior to ordering a new Vudoo. I am looking for a 18/20in barreled action with a carbon fiber barrel, with the newer breech face.