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    Hit me up with what you've got...
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    Late to the Party - P365 Impressions

    I went to my local indoor range yesterday with the goal of finally putting some rounds through a P365. They only had a P365XL for rent, so I took that along with my P30sk and my FrankenGlock G43/G48 hybrid (G43slide on a G48 frame) into the range. The P365 felt great in my hand. However, it...
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    WTB - Leupold Prismatic AR sight

    I want one. Hit me up if you have one you'd part with...
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    Whatever Happened to BigJoe29?

    Like the title asks - did he leave the 'Hide? I used to really enjoy his perspective on handguns and other topics...
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    SOLD WTS. Vortex 2-10 PSTII w/ ARC QD-L

    Basically new with box. Perfect condition. Great price. $750 Shipped.
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    Banners for dummies?

    Do I need to have this to use the PX now? If so, how do I obtain it?
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    HK P30SK - Best AIWB EDC Ever...?

    First off, I don't intend this thread to be a debate RE: the virtues/drawbacks of AIWB carry. If you want to dive into the merits of this style of carry, feel free to start a thread to do so. I carry AIWB most of the time. It works for me. I like it. I have a commander size 1911, a HK PSP, a...
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    Is there an arca swiss tripod adapter for the Swaro 15x56?

    Guys, I've searched, but have had no luck. Anyone know of how I might mount Swaro 15x binos to my tripod using arca swiss attachment?
  9. mkollman74

    AMP vs. EZ-anneal

    Probably a longshot, but is there anyone with real world experience with these two products? I like the availability of the autofeed for the ez-anneal. I've seen a prototype of an autofeed for the AMP, but don't believe it is in production. Are there other key differences that would make one...
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    Civilian Comms - School up a Newbie

    Alright fellas, here is the deal... I am a lazy SOB. I would appreciate your help with comms for my young family. I am not a HAM operator, and I don't know if I should be. We spend a bunch of time in the backcountry, and I would like info on how best to proceed with providing for comms for...
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    Is this possible?

    Can a standard boltface pre-64 style M70 be opened up to accept .588 cartridges?
  12. mkollman74

    Part Failure: Swapping Bolts in a 700?

    So my wife and I were out at the range getting her ready for our upcoming deer hunt this coming Saturday. During that time, the bolt handle on her rifle came loose. No big deal really, except my normal 'smith is gone hunting himself, and I don't know if I can get it fixed in time for this...
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    PredatOBR 7.62 - first Range Report

    So, I had the opportunity to finally get my new 'tOBR to the range to zero and see what she can do. I recently sold my OBR to another 'Hide member in order to fund this purchase. I got to the range today with my good friend JD Thomas of High Speed Shooting Systems, and we had a little fun...
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    Bought a LMT, Need an Optic - Tell Me What to Do

    So, I just picked up a new 16" LMT CQBPS16 for use in carbine coursework, 2 gun/3 gun matches and personal protection. I am not really much of a carbine guy, but that is going to change. Not (I think) looking to go with a magnified optic. I have been looking at, and reading about, Aimpoint...
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    Wife's First Deer - 507 Yards

    My wife and I were fortunate to win an auction hunt benefitting Jubilee Youth Ranch this year. She has been hunting with me for about 3 years now. The hunt was for one day access on J. Hair Farms in SE WA state. Let me start by saying what a great family the Hair family is. They were...
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    MidwayUSA Has Berger 105 Hybrids In Stock...

    Get 'em while you can... Berger Hybrid Target Bullets 243 Cal 6mm (243 Diameter) 105 Grain
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    6 Creedmoor 2nd OCW - Your Thoughts???

    Alright y'all - I posted up my 1st OCW and got some good feedback (including that I wasn't initially doing my group math correctly - oops, a double IPA or two before grabbing the calipers...):o. So here is my second attempt with this new rifle. I intend to put together loads for my...
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    6 Creedmoor - 1st OCW - Your thoughts???

    Hi All - Well I finally got to take my newest boltgun to the range for a little load development. This is my first go around with using something close to the OCW method. First, a description of the rifle: She's a Badger M2008, set into a KRG W3 chassis, sporting a 8 twist Krieger barrel...
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    Anyone w/ Experience w/ Lothar Walther Lightweight Barrels?

    Like the title asks, anyone shot one of these... ? Lothar Walther
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    Giraud Case Holder for 6 Creed

    Hi All - WIll I be able to use a 6.5 Creed case holder for my 6 Creed, or do I need to do a custom?