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  1. heyjoe

    6.5 Creemoor w/ 140gr Berger Hybrid Starting load?

    My personal experience: I started at 37 gr RL-16. Final stats below. 2890 FPS 0.49 MOA 26” barrel 43.1 grains Reloder 16 140 gr Berger hybrid 2.87” COAL 0.050” off the lands CCI 450’s Lapua SPP No pressure signs
  2. heyjoe

    Impact trigger hangers

    Received an impact action and TT diamond trigger recently. Once installed, the trigger housing floats on the trigger hanger dowel pins and seems loose in all directions. The trigger only snugs up when the action is cocked. Is it typical to have trigger hanger dowel pins that just slip right into...
  3. heyjoe

    Riot bag/ modern escape'n evasion kit?

    Forgot to add....A small radio like the baofeng BF-F8HP
  4. heyjoe

    Riot bag/ modern escape'n evasion kit?

    In addition to your initial items: Body Armor Bear Spray Helmet Goggles or safety glasses Portable phone storage charger.
  5. heyjoe

    another beginner/entry level rifle buy/build? RPR or something else.

    Also see Patriot Valley John Hancock or Seekins Precision Havak Bravo. I too set out to build a budget rig but eventually decided to throw the budget out the window.
  6. heyjoe

    another beginner/entry level rifle buy/build? RPR or something else.

    search for a Masterpiece Arms PMR. They can be had for 1675ish. “Add to cart for best price”
  7. heyjoe


    If on a budget I would go Bushnell DMR, XRS or vortex Gen II. Don’t skimp on the optic.
  8. heyjoe

    Has the Right Lost It's Nerve?

    The leaders ARE leading, just not for us. They are blatantly against the traditional American value system.
  9. heyjoe

    Seeking stand up folks

    Purchasing through gun community forums is safe IMO where the number of good apples outnumber the bad. Unfortunately, statistically you will run into the minority who aren’t the most conscientious, honest, or caring.
  10. heyjoe

    Zero Compromise MPCT3 Reticle Detailed Explanation

    Ok but is ZCO just the cats meow on the controlled firing line or is it battle / service proven and as durable/reliable as the ATACR? Such a new company doesn’t have the same service proven history...or does it.
  11. heyjoe

    Trump Poll Numbers

    so you think he was part of the conspiracy? Or you are saying that his warning or the conspiracy was invalid?
  12. heyjoe

    Trump Poll Numbers

    Could manipulated polls have anything to do with JFK's secret societies speech of 1961? “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion...
  13. heyjoe

    Zero Compromise MPCT3 Reticle Detailed Explanation

    If a guy had 3K to blow on a scope, should he really consider ZCO over nightforce ATACR?
  14. heyjoe

    Hornady 147 ELDM blowing up

    I've been jumping off of the Hornyday train recently and this seems like just another reason to keep off it.
  15. heyjoe

    I reckon theyve put the cards on the table.

    Build these statues back twice as big
  16. heyjoe

    Hornady 147 ELDM blowing up

    Do the 140’s have this issue? What’s a better alternative? Berger? Lapua?
  17. heyjoe

    Something ironic the rioters/looters/anarchists haven't figured out yet

    They don’t have the foresight...they’ll come around when it’s too late.
  18. heyjoe

    What would Trump losing mean for AR-15 owners

    The right to abolish government if it becomes destructive. Isn’t that in the Declaration of Independence or something?