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  1. Prebanpaul

    WTT Nightforce 1 piece mount 34mm rings

    I am looking to trade for the same in 30mm or a spuhr mount. I need higher or extra high. Might consider borbo . Must be a high end non vertical split ring.
  2. Prebanpaul

    Anyone elses Gun clubs getting shut down. 2 with in 10 days.

    I live in North east Ohio and have two gun clubs that are with in about 2 hours of me. They both are geared for PRS style events. In fact they sometimes combine events. Two different people running them. The both shut down with out reason with in about 10 days of each other. This...
  3. Prebanpaul

    What focal plane for thermal clip on.

    I have a pulsar clip on and I am running a Acog 4 power behind it with good results. I have just purchased a 2.5x10 second focal plane scope. Its the night force nxs. Just wondering if anyone is running a second focal plane. I was thinking second for the reticle to stay a decent size in...
  4. Prebanpaul

    WTB 34MM medium or low steel rings

    Exactly what the title says . I am looking for steel rings only. 34mm low or medium height. Under $100. They have to be steel. They are going on a super lite weight 26 in barrel 45-70. This is high recoil.
  5. Prebanpaul

    Anyone from Gleenwood springs colorado

    Anyone one on here from Gleenwood springs area. Got a couple questions.
  6. Prebanpaul


    I have a KRG Bravo in OD green. Its like new. $335 in the lower 48. This is for a 700 footprint short action and will fit all clones.
  7. Prebanpaul

    WTB Mr Pintler or similar back pack. $250

    I am looking for a Mr Pintler back pack or a similar style. It has to have the carbon frame and be medium or large in size. Paul
  8. Prebanpaul

    WTB MDT ACC Parts

    I am looking to purchase the following MDT vertical Grip x1 Weighted bag rider x1 back weights x2 eternal or external weights
  9. Prebanpaul

    Wts KRG bravo OD Rem SA, area 419 +4 ext both pending sell

    I have a like-new KRG OD green Bravo stock with a 700 short action inlet. I have some extra spacers and hardware. $325 shipped in the continental 48. KRG sold to powder horn Area 419 plus 4 extension its new in the box. $40 shipped to vader rubicon
  10. Prebanpaul

    WTS 4.5x18x40 nikon prostaff 1/8 moa dot $160 also cheap good ar reddot. $60

    I have a Nikon 4.5x18x40 Nikon ProStaff 5. It is in excellent shape other than missing the windage cap. Dont know what happened to it. The scope is way under priced so you can call or email them and they will probably send you one for free. This has the 1/8 dot thin reticle on it...
  11. Prebanpaul

    WTS Small magnum rifle primers and .308 bullets

    The primers will only be sold on a face to face transaction in Akron, Strongsville or Canton Ohio. I have 10k small magnum wolf primers for a rifle. These are still sealed in the 5k cardboard packages that they came in. I am asking $350 per 5k. I am not looking to discount for any...
  12. Prebanpaul

    Night vision $2000-$2500

    SO I currently have a pulsar Clip-on Thermal scope. It works really well for what I want. I can use it as a monocular or a clip-on scope. I have a max of 2500 to spend on night vision. I am torn between a direct mount and a pvs14. what are you recommending?
  13. Prebanpaul

    MK machine fail, on throw lever

    I have an Atacr nightforce and purhcased a polymer throw lever. After half a summer of some matches, the lever just will not hold. Constantly slipping. Is their aluminum one better. Is there a better throw lever out there. Thanks for any in sight.
  14. Prebanpaul

    WTB sphur 4601 will pay purchased 8-27-2020

    Just like the title says. I am looking for a spuhr 4601 in very good shape. I am willing to pay $325 for it shipped to 44203 Barberton Ohio. I am only looking for this model.
  15. Prebanpaul


    So I have two separate Spuhr mounts. First mount is a 4602 20 MOA with a height of 38mm Think for a full length pica-tinny rail. They fit perfectly rifles like Tikka Tac A1 Ar15/10 and so on. Next is a 4901 31 MOA regular rifle height . I am looking for two 4601 mounts...
  16. Prebanpaul


    Just what the title say. I am looking for a -20 degree maybe a 0 degree sleeping bag . I already have one of the military ones and it sucks below 20 degrees. I am willing to pay up to 200 for a used in good condition bag. What do you have.
  17. Prebanpaul

    Any good load hauling and gun toting bags out there.

    I have the Mystery Ranch Pintler, I am going on an elk hunt in October. I am having a hard time finding something that will act as a meat hauler and a gun hauler. I looked at the Team elk from Eberlestock and people say they are not comfortable. I am looking for any after market...
  18. Prebanpaul

    WTB NXS 2.5-10x42 mil r

    I am looking for an NXS 2.5x10x42 I am only looking for the mIl r unless your giving me a smoking deal on the MOA. I am only looking for the Mil R
  19. Prebanpaul

    WTB APA Fat Bastard gen 3

    Just what it says. I am looking for a Gen 3 fat bastard in 6.5 or 30 caliber. I am looking for a used on. I am willing to pay 180 delivered.
  20. Prebanpaul


    I am looking to purchase a MDT ACC chassis in a 700 short action foot print. I am willing to pay up to 800 shipped for the chassis. Color is not really that important. The zip code that it would be shipped to is 44203. looking for a Timeny CE trigger, or trigger tech speacial. I...