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  1. EddieNFL

    Craigslist Scams

    Moving across state in a few weeks and trying to trim moving cost. Put a couple items on Cragislist. The first one drew an immediate "I'll take it" reply asking a couple of questions. I responded and got the following reply: My scamdar went off and I responded cash only. Nothing since...
  2. EddieNFL


    Anyone using the ProChrono digital (bluetooth) connecting to a Samsung S10 or S20? Would appreciate a PM.
  3. EddieNFL

    SPF. Dillon SDB FS

    Got this in a trade and have no Space Earlier version before the "snap-back" powder measure. Set-up for .45ACP. I clamped to my bench and ran several cases thru. Everything appears to be working properly. There is some surface rust on some of steel parts. Missing locator pins. If interested, PM...
  4. EddieNFL

    Brewery Pulls Beer

    Which one of you guys works at Sycamore Brewery? Reindeer Beer
  5. EddieNFL

    Florida Woman

    Pregnant Florida woman displays AR15 skills.
  6. EddieNFL

    The White Room

    I guess Ginger found it. RIP.
  7. EddieNFL

    Florida woMan

    Crapp Way to Die A body of a woman was discovered inside a portable toilet that caught fire and exploded early Saturday at a construction site in north Florida, according to officials.
  8. EddieNFL

    My Friend Larry...

    ...passed away. Friendliest, most easygoing guy I ever knew. Some interesting reading about a few of the people he worked with. DEA Navy SEALs and Green Berets hunt down Escobar
  9. EddieNFL

    Amazon Help

    Anyone with better amazon fu than I. Several days ago, I couldn't logon. Tried to change password, but never received email with one time password. Tried their contact link, but you have to logon to use. Googled and found an response. Googled and found a phone number. First...
  10. EddieNFL

    New Army Uniform

    Army Throwback The hat looks as if it were designed by Himmler.
  11. EddieNFL

    Where are the Vinny Testeverdes of the NFL?

    From a friend. Vinnie Testeverdes
  12. EddieNFL

    Houston, TX

    Be there a couple days. My CCW is honored in TX, but any local ordinances I should be concerned with? TIA
  13. EddieNFL

    FS: Dillon 650 Conv/CF Plate

    9MM/.38 Super conversion kit and small pistol casefeed plate. $110 Shipped I used these for a run of a few thousand before I got lazy and bought a separate press. I'll split if I get commitments on both pieces. Thanks for looking.
  14. EddieNFL

    Possibly the DUH! moment of the year...

    Brown University has come under fire after censoring its own study on transgender youth, which found that social media and friends can influence teenagers to change their gender identity.
  15. EddieNFL

    Probably a First in Chicago

    They shot him in the what? Article has since been edited.
  16. EddieNFL

    Is Shepherd Smith...

    ...blowing John Kerry? Little creampuff is talking about Trump's remarks to NATO. "He's setting the globe back centuries." I thought NATO was about 70 years old. "Germany is our friend and treasured ally." We have no friends, only allies when we're needed. I guess he wasn't diplomatic...
  17. EddieNFL

    Sovereign Citizens

    How do you LEOs deal with these cerebral abortions?
  18. EddieNFL

    Our Future

    Our future.
  19. EddieNFL

    Is Veer Okay?

    Sikh Riot
  20. EddieNFL

    Farrakhan Marches on Washington

    Sedition? Farrakhan Marches I'm betting the black caucus will have business elsewhere on the 21st.