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  1. Spblademaker

    New chassis for my LH Savage 10 Stealth

    Ok Frank, I’ve heard enough. I have a Savage Stealth 6.5 that shoots well. I tossed the weird adjustable Drake stock before I even shot the thing and installed the PRS. I’ve used them before on my Large Frame AR builds and like them. I’m using a 5-H Atlas on it. Probably the saving grace of the...
  2. Spblademaker

    Anyone at Godsmack concert last night?

    Godsmack, as usual, put on a great show for everyone in NEPA. Shinedown coheadlined and also killed it. ??????
  3. Spblademaker

    STDs on the rise

    Someone’s been busy. Y’all know who you are.
  4. Spblademaker

    A bunch of necroposts popping up lately.

    What’s the deal? Saw a nice barrel breaking snake oil one from years back, just pop up in the gunsmithing area. Then another on loose primer pocket DIY fix.
  5. Spblademaker

    Pine pitch remover

    Don’t know where the hell this topic should go, so please adjust if needed. Just found out that Bore Tech Inc. Rimfire Blend removes pine pitch from your skin. Idea just popped into my head to give it a try. Who’d a thunk?