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  1. baileygapa

    Tac Pro Shooting Center

    Anybody been there? Is the range open to the public? How was the 1000yd range?
  2. baileygapa

    Rifles Only Range

    Anybody shot down there that can give me some info about their experience? Im wanting to go down one weekend and try the range and want to know what they have thats available and range options.
  3. baileygapa

    Hunting South Texas

    Im in the Army and Im on TDY until the end of NOV at FT Sam and I would like to set myself up a hunt while Im down here. Anybody on the forum know somebody I could hook up with to do big game or varmint hunt in South Texas?
  4. baileygapa

    Rifles Only

    Im in San Antonio and was wandering if the range at Rifles Only was open to the public. I was particularly interested in the 1000yd and 1300 yd range. Any info or experiences to pass along would be appreciated.