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    Leica Geovid HD-B Ballistic Solution: What's wrong?

    I have been looking at picking up a pair of the Leica HD-B binos. Thus far, these have been getting great reviews. I have the standard Geovids, which are awesome. The new Geovid looks great on paper, real-time atmospheric readings, slope correction, and a G7 drag model, what's not to like...
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    "Super Sniper" scope coming?

    Anyone know anything about this? and...
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    Dark Knight Rises: high expectations... This should be a good one. Really looking forward to it.
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    Tac-338 or wait for GAP?

    So, I have a bit of a dilemma; I'm going to get a 338LM and was pretty serious about the PGW Timberwolf. I have the PGW Coyote and am really happy with it but things just aren't working out with the T-Wolf. My next option was to have GA Precision build me a 338LM on a Surgeon XL action. Only...
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    High Praise for High Caliber; Mk12 Mod1 Rng Report

    So, I have been working on putting a MK12 Mod 1 together for a while. Ended up settling on a High Caliber Sales (HCS) upper and bought it from another member here on the Hide. He claims that the upper was never fired, this seems to be legit. Next I bought the Nightforce 2.5-10x24 from another...
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    Premier Heritage Parallax

    So, I own a 3-15x50 Premier Heritage scope. It's a great scope but my only complaint is that the parallax adjustment has no point of reference. Compared with my S&B 5-25x56 PM2 which has reference points for parallax adjustment, this is kind of a pain. Especially when completing in a timed match...
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    NFA Transfers

    Tried to search for where this might be already posted, my apologies in advance if it's posted elsewhere. My question, if you set up an NFA Trust, what is entailed with transferring items that I already own to the trust? Is a second "tax" required? Merry Christmas!
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    .308 high pressure?

    I started to play with some .308 loads this weekend. I'm using 43.5 grains Ramshot Tac and pushing a 168 Sierra Matchking. I chrono'd the loads and came up with about 2800 FPS. This seems a little hot to me and is significantly faster than the speeds published on Western Powders website with...
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    PGW Coyote (.308) Range Report

    So, I received my PGW Coyote about a week ago. Ordered this gun in January, if the guys at PGW tell you that it takes 4-6 weeks for clearance on importing the gun, I can say that time is overly optimistic. Overall the PGW people are really great to work with, I mostly dealt with Ross who was...
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    Montana Shooters for April Match?

    Any Montana/Norther ID shooters out there who have been to these "Precision Rifle Matches"? The next match comes up in April. Never participated personally but I think that I'll check it out. More info...
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    PGW Coyote Option...

    So, I have a Coyote on the way from PGW. I am going to be putting a S&B 5-25 x 56 PMII on top of it and I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on which rings I should use. Unlike the boys at GAP, PGW rifles don't come with rings, but the guns come a lot quicker, no one year wait.
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    DTA SRS and Lefties

    Any lefties out there shooting or know of a southpaw shooting the SRS? Seems like it would be impossible but I've heard of guys "just lifting their head up to cycle rounds". Man, I hate being left-handed...