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  1. lonegunman762x51

    Kroger - BLM fee

    They are running the virus hoax, where have you been for six months?
  2. lonegunman762x51

    Kroger - BLM fee

    Democraps will use any excuse to steal, it is just how they are.
  3. lonegunman762x51

    Laughing,...Navy Karen sinks herself

    Somebody needs to get that pig a truffle.:sick: And someone's commander needs to give Petty Officer Dumplings and gravy a weight check and a nice LOR for opening her cake hole in uniform.
  4. lonegunman762x51

    Turns out Corona Virus threat is all horsecrap.

    Total horsecrap in my area. Seems to only really effect Dimmercrats and their delusions of a Marxist utopia starting when drooler Joe gets elected as Pedo-in-Chief. Since March 1st, 43 deaths, including all flu related causes. 2 people a week can be linked to the Corona when they die...
  5. lonegunman762x51

    How lucky are the Bidens when it comes to courtrooms

    Proves as always, the elite firmly have a set of rules for them and one for us little people. Every one of them knew or contacted Jeff Epstein to fuck a minor or buy, sell or trade the minors they have in their own harems. That is why they had to kill him. Biden's are crack smoking scum of...
  6. lonegunman762x51

    Well, I reckon I'll not look at Sports Illustrated again. ..

    So was it wearing a Ball-kini?
  7. lonegunman762x51

    Turns out Corona Virus threat is all horsecrap.

    525,000 people live in the county where I work. 1,500 have caught the Corona since February, now EVERY single news story says," More than 1,500 people have contracted Corona virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". YEP.....................3/10ths of 1% of the county has had the 'rona and they...
  8. lonegunman762x51

    Apparently this armed march/protest is occurring in Stone Mountain, GA right now

    Maybe they should check with the Japanese, Germans, Native Americans, Vietnamese, Spanish, British and Mexicans before they try to get all badass on those honkie Americans who they think are running the show.
  9. lonegunman762x51

    Dont mess with a bus driver! (Chicago Bus driver makes the best WWE body slam I ever seen)

    Fired??? Are you kidding me!!!!! I'd make him "Employee of the Month". Or maybe the key to the City or something? I think more scumbags who start fights with bus drivers should be body slammed.
  10. lonegunman762x51

    Help! How to find service records for family members?

    A Celestial Trainer like he operated can be used to train for all sorts of things. It isn't just initial training of pilots. If he was good at his job then they could use his ability to train pilots or any other person needing celestial navigation skills for all sorts of interesting things...
  11. lonegunman762x51

    Help! How to find service records for family members?

    CE meant Corps of Engineers in WWII. Modern acronyms do not really blend with WWII acronyms. If you read what they sent you, it look like they actually put your Dad thru the Celestial Navigation school then thru the school for the LINK trainer which was a very cool device for the day, like...
  12. lonegunman762x51

    Help! How to find service records for family members?

    Was your Dad from or did he ever live in Nebraska? That would be the first step to deciding if you got the correct record. AAFTS probably means Army Air Forces Training School, TNG meant Training, Op was probably Operator, CNT meant Celestial Navigation Trainer ASR is Advanced Service Rating...
  13. lonegunman762x51

    Fireworks on 4July 20

    No fireworks here, communism and leftist hate for America won out apparently. My American flag was the only one on the street. Our retard of a governor feels any display of love for America spreads the 'rona. Thankfully, you can still sit in the interstate until a car hits you so hard you...
  14. lonegunman762x51

    What's Your View II

    That vague chuck of speedo makes me think GT or GT350.
  15. lonegunman762x51

    They after the Redskins again

    Honestly fuck the NFL. Now they declared they will play the "black national anthem" before every game. I didn't even know this was a thing? Let them eat their own.
  16. lonegunman762x51

    Ha Ha!

    This woman perfectly demonstrates what leftist think when they are held accountable for their actions. No matter what, to them it is always someone else's fault. Just exactly like every criminal ever arrested by law enforcement, din do nuffin.
  17. lonegunman762x51

    Robert Mcnamara

    He was a piece of shit bean counter/idiot. One of his fucktard ideas was that "gunfighting was obsolete", thus F4 Phantom jets initially did not have a cannon. Then he bitched that missiles cost too much when the USAF had to shoot them two at a time because they would break lock and fail to...
  18. lonegunman762x51

    Trump Poll Numbers

    This is the leftist plan in a nutshell. The LEFT created all of the problems of the Corona hoax. Every action to slow, prevent, stop or aid in controlling the virus is criticized, deploy hospital ships they bitched, refused to use them and then complained he did nothing. Increased testing...
  19. lonegunman762x51

    Compact Tractor Recommendations

    Kubota L-series, L-3301HST, 4WD and never look back. I have the last gen of this tractor, pre-emissions crap. 60" brush mower, box scraper and back blade, 66" QD bucket, Industrial tires and a set of bucket...
  20. lonegunman762x51

    how many of you who train a great deal are concerned about lead accumulation? D-wipes are available in large tubs of 150 towels at welding supply stores like Norco or Oxarc and are handy. I used to shoot 15K rounds a year or more of pistol, rifle, shotgun and machinegun, did that for 17 years, still...