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  1. Xander3Zero

    Burris XTR II 1-8 RFP

    My FFP XTR2 1-8x is daylight bright from what I've seen. The glass also seems clear as all hell, and the circle in the reticle is big enough to see at 1x. It's a great optic, I love it more each time I shoot it. I've only had it a few weeks, but I'm happy with the purchase, I scored it cheap...
  2. Xander3Zero

    The AR15 Picture Thread

    Another pic of this babe from the range this weekend. She is running like a champ.
  3. Xander3Zero


    Maybe too soon for this but... Instead of loading dummy rounds into your mags, you could just get an early generation Nucleus action and the light strikes will replicate dummy rounds in your mags! Haha, just joking before the "haven't had any light strikes with #85 pound spring yet" comments...
  4. Xander3Zero

    What Neck Tension Bushing?

    I think most people use .002" under loaded neck diameter. Some others probably use .001" under loaded neck diameter. Those are probably the two most common options.
  5. Xander3Zero

    Manners Mini Chassis Bedding

    I can neither confirm nor deny this. The truth is that I ordered all the components for my build and put it together myself. The ejection port on the Manners stock did not line up nicely with the ejection port of the TL3 (even tho I specified the TL3 inlet) and the barrel channel was not even...
  6. Xander3Zero

    Manners Mini Chassis Bedding

    I would agree with that for sure. My precision rifle is in a Manners T4A with mini-chassis, and I originally went with the mini-chassis for the modularity aspect, but i very quickly realized I just wanted it bedded, so I sent it off for a skim. In hindsight, I would have been better off not...
  7. Xander3Zero

    Trigger upgrade - best 2 stage for 2020?

    Just built a 18" multi-purpose "battle rifle" AR and put a Triggertech Competition in it. Love the TT in my bolt gun, so I figured I'd try it in an AR. Didn't need a sub-1lb pull, didn't desire adjustability. The 3.5 lb total 2-stage pull feels amazing. First stage is light but gives good...
  8. Xander3Zero

    Manners Mini Chassis Bedding

    Seriously? If you do some research you will find that the above posters are correct in saying that an aluminum chassis is not meant to be bedded. That does not mean there is nothing to gain from bedding a chassis. Depending on the design of the chassis (v-block, roller, cylindrical, etc) and...
  9. Xander3Zero

    Load Development: Bench or Prone, Bipod, rest, or Bag

    I think many here would agree that you should do load development in whichever position/setup you consider to be your "best" or most consistent shooting position. In this way you remove as much shooter error as possible from your testing. I used to do my development from a bench with front and...
  10. Xander3Zero

    How good is the 8x/10x on a LPVO

    Have you compared the XTR2 to the Bushnell SMRS 1-8.5? Honestly, right after I bought my XTR2 I saw that Camera Land also had the Bushy's for sale, a bit cheaper than the XTR2, and I kinda started second guessing my purchase. The Bushnell has a true Mil-scale reticle which seems nice, but the...
  11. Xander3Zero

    How good is the 8x/10x on a LPVO

    So I went with Ilya's LPVO recommendation for an 18" AR build I just put together, and put a XTR2 1-8x24 FFP on it. I snagged it at a good sale price from Camera Land; I thought to myself "If Ilya recommends it for a $1000 price point, then at $750 I can't go wrong". Just took the rifle out to...
  12. Xander3Zero

    The AR15 Picture Thread

    Yes sir, requires a left handed BCG since it ejects out the opposite side. The Young Manufacturing BCG is a real beauty.
  13. Xander3Zero

    The AR15 Picture Thread

    Left-hand build here: CMT Billet Receiver Set Young Manufacturing NM BCG and JP SCS 18" Chrome-lined Criterion Hybrid Profile, rifle gas, Surefire Flash Hider Triggertech Competitive Magpul UBR stock and MOE+ grip Radian small parts Burris XTR2 1-8 FFP in a Scalarworks LEAP Just barely fit a...
  14. Xander3Zero

    correcting runout....after all is said and done

    Yeah its not very scientific, and even if by some trial and error you were able to "correct" some of the runout and end up with less runout than you started with - I would be concerned about stresses you just applied to the case body/neck, and how that would just be another inconsistency between...
  15. Xander3Zero

    correcting runout....after all is said and done

    So I didn't really read all the instructions fully... but it seems you use that "tool" to literally bend the case neck/bullet into alignment with the case body? Lol.
  16. Xander3Zero

    ++Bighorn TL3 Builds++

    Lots of good options for barrels. The 223 barrel on my TL3 was chambered as a prefit by Greg Young at Southern Precision Rifles aka Bugholes. He will have pretty much any barrel you are looking for in stock and will quote you an accurate lead time and fair price. His barrels absolutely...
  17. Xander3Zero

    223 trainer and 88 eldm

    For you guys that are using the 88's in a straight 223 chamber (not AI), what twist are you all running? Think I would have any stability issues running them in a 24" 7.7 twist barrel? Berger Stability calc shows somewhat on the low end of "marginal" stability around 2800 fps. Edit: I have...
  18. Xander3Zero

    Latest cerakote job

    That's a real clean cerakote job, looks fantastic on that Envy. Nice job.
  19. Xander3Zero

    LVPO question

    That circle on the Bushy isn't usable at 1x? The circle on the XTRII is 10mils, so at 1x its still pretty visible to my eye. The 10mil circle is also nice because at 100 yards its 1 yard, at 200 yards its 2 yards, etc. And on the vertical holdovers, there are horizontal lines that equal 18"...
  20. Xander3Zero

    LVPO question

    Yeah so the reticles look very similar except that the Bushy has a mil-scale vertical stadia instead of the BDC in the Burris. If I didnt find the great deal on the Burris I probably would have preferred a true mil-scale reticle, but I'm building this AR to kinda just be an all-around battle...