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  1. Richc211

    Tango 6 4-24 mrad ffp 1100 shipped with mount

    Sig Sauer Tango 6 4-24×50. It's a FFP with MRAD illuminated reticle, levelplex anti cant system, 34mm in a Sig Sauer Alpha mount. Also comes with a sunshade 1250 obo shipped
  2. Richc211

    Q The fix barrels 6.5 cm 308

    Both 16” the 6.5 has cherry bomb other does not. I’m listing these for a friend 6.5 cm 500 cash monies obo This is new unfired 308 400 cash monies obo This has 180 rounds
  3. Richc211

    ISO grand power Stribog gen 2

    Title says it all pm me what you have
  4. Richc211

    Rm06 like new details in pics

    Text for more pics 6145574343 400 shipped
  5. Richc211

    Scar 20 with extras sold

    It has angled charging handle new grip rail covers 3 scar mags and front and rear qd sling studs added nothing else in pic is added will ship to ffl but must accept from individual no shipping to the shitty gun law states ca-ny will come in original box 200 rounds fired Im in Ohio 3400.00...
  6. Richc211

    Atlas 5h with qd Mount sold

    Like title says atlas bipod with ad qd Mount 340 shipped
  7. Richc211

    Mpa comp chassis rem 700 bronze

    Bag rider spigot Mount used not abused barricade stop no mag 650 shipped
  8. Richc211

    Leupold mk 6 3-18x44 h59 sold

    Great optic just moving down in magnification there’s no box but has sun shade flip caps and possibly the mount it’s a geissele 20 moa 1300 obo 6145574343 text is best
  9. Richc211

    1 bushnell dmr2 g3 reticle ffp

    I have 1 dmr2 for sale 725 shipped 6145574343 text is best will accept PayPal
  10. Richc211

    Fde acog rmr type 2 setup sold

    Pictures have most of the info. Has bobro qd Mount and kill flash about 6 months old 1200 obo shipped I’ll add pic with name tonight
  11. Richc211

    OutlawTen5 Is g2g great buyer

    Sold a razor gen 2 no complaints great buyer OutlawTen5
  12. Richc211

    2 bushnell DMR2 g3 mil

    2 @ 900 each obo Ones newer with no box One has caps 3.5-21 mil g3 reticle both very nice
  13. Richc211

    Sold Vortex gen 2 razor 3-18 mrad ebr2c

    Like title says ebr2c mrad has switch lever 1235 shipped or 1200 face to face central Ohio
  14. Richc211

    Magpul 700 stock bottom kit cheek risers and extra butt plates

    250 shipped no mags it’s black in color
  15. Richc211

    Bushnell g3 dmr2 geissele super precision mount

    Like new just mounted in the geisele Mount hasn’t been out of the House I don’t have the box it’s g3 dmr2 and Mount is like new also. 1350 cash/PayPal or trade for a gen 2 razor 4.5-27 ebr2c mil May take other trades plus cash trade value might be higher
  16. Richc211

    Kawi is a great buyer gtg

    Sold him a mpa rifle smooth transaction.
  17. Richc211

    WTT trigger tech single stage for timney Calvin 2 stage flat

    Like the title says this is the tt special
  18. Richc211

    Ar15 barrel- Ruger precision barrel cz455 heavy 22lr barrel

    These are all used only a few hundred rounds on each befor swapped Armalite 18” ss 1/8 twist with brake 150 shipped without 100 shipped Ruger precision 243 barrel was swapped out for a 308 barrel low round count 125 obo shipped Cz455 heavy barrel off my manners trainer only seen around 300...
  19. Richc211

    Geisselle 34mm Mount 25moa

    Info in title 275 obo shipped