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  1. Birddog6424

    22 Creedmoor w/95gr SMKs

    I'm running this in a 7" twist Hawk Hill, but the jackets are failing in the 3130fps range. Im currently running at 3060fps and they are doing fine using a .300 BC. I'm curious if anyone is running these in a 7.5" twist and have a confirmed BC on them. Technically that twist is too slow to...
  2. Birddog6424

    Burris RT-25 5-25×56

    I got to spend some time with the new Burris RT Long Range RT25 yesterday. A buddy of mine bought one a couple weeks ago for his CZ455. We shot an NRL22 match together and then spent some time after making comparisons. I'm impressed. It has some drawbacks, its a $700 MAP optic. I think he paid...
  3. Birddog6424

    F/S: Vortex Certificate *SOLD*

    Selling a Vortex Cert. Good for one year. Cash no trades please. PayPal Gift $150
  4. Birddog6424

    F/S; 50% off Vortex Cert **Price Drop**

    You can shave a little off even with Gen II reduced pricing. Definitely some savings to be had with the GEN III 1-10. I have a couple of these as my buddy also picked one up. $250 shipped. Cash no trade PayPal Gift. Price drop to $200
  5. Birddog6424

    F/S: Burris XTRII 4-20 H591 *PRICE DROP*

    I have a used, very good condition 4-20 XTRII with the Horus 591 reticle. I used this on my primary PRS rifle for about 9 months. Tracking, performance, and durability have been flawless. A couple little cosmetic nick's seen in the picture on the low left of the bell housing, otherwise...
  6. Birddog6424

    F/S; MDT ACC Chassis Cert

    I have a certificate that will save someone a couple hundred dollars on this chassis. $350 PayPal Gift. No trades please.
  7. Birddog6424

    F/S; MDT ACC Cert

    Posted on wrong section. It wont let me delete it. Moved to accessories.
  8. Birddog6424

    F/S; BNIB Hornady 6mm Creedmoor Brass

    I have 3 boxes of brand new unopened Hornady brass for the 6MM Creedmoor. Quantity of 50 each, 150 pieces total. $60 shipped PayPal Gift. No trades please.
  9. Birddog6424

    F/S; Federal GMM 6.5 Creedmoor

    I have a case of 6.5 Creedmoor Federal Gold Medal with the 130gr Berger Hybrid. It's just not anything I'm going to shoot so seeing if someone wants it. This stuff goes for $280 a case. I'm selling it for $200 shipped. PayPal Gift, no trades please.
  10. Birddog6424

    The Parma Precision Rifle Rumble

    I love the way these trophies turned out. So I wanted to share them. If anyone here is coming to my PRS match this weekend, here's what's on the table.. A yellow Lab for scale.. :)
  11. Birddog6424

    F/S; Burris XTRII 4-20 H591

    I have a one year old XTRII with the H591 reticle. It's in excellent condition. It's been babied on a CZ457 22LR. I have the sunshade and original box. $770 shipped. If you need rings I have a set of brand new, never used XLR Industries rings in 34mm 1.2" height. I'll sell them together for...
  12. Birddog6424

    Burris RT Tactical Scope Line

    These are at Shot Show. Swing by the Burris booth and check them out! RT Long Range INTRODUCING the NEW RT (Race/Tactical) Series of scopes. The RT Series were designed to step up your precision, competition and tactical game without breaking the bank! Features: NEW SCR 2 mil reticle that can...
  13. Birddog6424

    F/S; 50% Off MDT AAC Chassis

    Save a couple hundred dollars on an AAC. Asking $300. PayPal Gift, no trades please.
  14. Birddog6424

    F/S; 50% Off Vortex Certificate **SOLD**

    As per the title, 50% off any Vortex product. $200 PayPal Gift, no trades please.
  15. Birddog6424

    Kelbly's Action Certificate *SOLD*

    I have a certificate for $250 off a brand new Kelbly's action. Asking $75. PayPal Gift. No trades please.
  16. Birddog6424

    BNIB; Triggertech Diamond AR15 *PRICE DROP*

    Brand new, never opened Triggertech Diamond for the AR15. Details here; $250 shipped. PayPal Gift. No trades. PRICE DROP $200 SHIPPED
  17. Birddog6424

    Steiner HX 15X56

    I got in line on a pair of these a while back, and a big shipment of them just showed up from Steiner Germany. I got mine out on Saturday for some long range shooting, and I'm pretty impressed. I've owned a Vortex Razor spotter for some years. Ran it mostly with the fixed 30x WA mil reticle...
  18. Birddog6424

    Get a BNIB 27x GII Razor for $1650

    I have a 50% off Vortex certificate for $200. After it's all said and done, you will be in to a brand new Razor GII with your choice of reticle for $1650. I take PayPal Gift. No trades please.
  19. Birddog6424

    Cool New Sight from Steiner

    Check this out..
  20. Birddog6424

    Get a BNIB 27x GII Razor for $1650 *SOLD*

    I have a certificate to Vortex for 50% off MSRP. I'm asking $200 for the cert, PayPal Gift, no trades please. When the deal is done your total out of pocket will be $1650 for a brand new scope with the reticle of your choice in mil or moa. It has no expiration date.