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  1. King_beardsly

    Field match optic

    I’m looking at running field style matches next year with unknown distance stages. My question is do I keep running my razor ebr-7c or swap to some thing like a tremor3 since I can run do a ton more stuff within the reticle and not touch the turrets.
  2. King_beardsly

    WTT 4.5-27 razor EBR-7C for Mk5 2-25

    I’m putting a feeler out for possibly trading my razor for a MK5 5-25 with the Tremor3 or a razor with the tremor3. The scope is in great condition sitting in hawkins precision rings, with tenebraex covers and has since very little use after getting mounted up.
  3. King_beardsly

    Wtb Manners or McMillan for SA TL3

    I’m looking for either the manners or mcmillan stock for a SA TL3 with M24 or larger barrel channel, adjustable cheek and length of pull. I’ve got a MPA comp chassis that’s up for trade if that’s something that interests you.
  4. King_beardsly

    Rifle build for field style matches

    I’ve been playing around with shooing field style matches next year and I’m looking for a little direction on the build. I plan on shooting the sniper unknown challenge next year and possibly one of the war horses development matches so switching out my dasher and MPA comp setup for a McMillan...
  5. King_beardsly

    Spartan vs KMW Bottom metal

    I’m looking at grabbing bottoms metal for a upcoming project and need some input since everything’s been chassis based until now. The bottom dweller from spartan caught my eye with how everything blends into the trigger guard, but the KMW seems to be a really strong option as well but I’m...
  6. King_beardsly

    McMillan Z1

    Has anyone played around with one or had one built since I don’t see them as an in stock item on their web store. I’m like to switch from a MPA to something a little more traditional and get rid of that weird twang every time I pull the trigger in the process.
  7. King_beardsly

    6.5 staball for 6 dasher

    Has anyone played around with 6.5 staball in a dasher, I’m just looking to options instead usual suspect varget.
  8. King_beardsly

    Thought on Eotech EXPS2/3 with magnifier

    I’m looking to swap out the current optic on my carbine for something different, I’m currently running a 1-4 lpvo and want to do something like an eotech since I’ve heard they are better for astigmatism. I figured with the magnifier I’m not really losing much for longer distance since the 1-4 is...
  9. King_beardsly

    16” barrel with rifle length gas system in 308

    Has anyone messed around with a 16” 308 running a rifle length gas system? I’ve got a falkor barrel sitting around that’s rifle length gas system and getting close to finishing the build. I’m just trying to see if there is any insight or known issues.
  10. King_beardsly

    Custom in ear hearing protection.

    I’m looking to upgrade from the foam in ear protection to some custom molded one, does anyone have a suggestion.
  11. King_beardsly

    Plate for mount range finder and other goodies.

    I’m looking around for a good option for setting up my range finder, spotter and possibly a kestrel on plate that won’t break the bank. I know there’s probably a thread on this topic already but I couldn’t seem to find it.
  12. King_beardsly

    WTB Bushnell legend T spotter

    I’m looking to pick up a Legend T 15-45 spotter, let me know what you’ve got to offer.
  13. King_beardsly

    Vortex Recon R/T monocular or Bushnell legend T spotter.

    After the last few matches I feel I need to upgrade what I’m running for spotting and acquiring targets at distance. I’m looking for something that has a reticle in it some calling misses and correction for anyone I’m shooting with will be easier then a rough guesstimate. Right now it’s between...
  14. King_beardsly

    Alpha brass with possible pressure signs

    I just loaded up a few rounds to make sure everything was good with a different lot of powder and bullets before an upcoming match, the virgin brass had no sign last but the once fired seem to have pressure signs. The speed between the two is only slightly different yet the once fired feel a...
  15. King_beardsly

    Need more consistent powder measuring

    I’ve been running a lynmen Gen5 powder scale for the last two years and it works well enough but the consistently of the throws is never spot on either a little light or a little over. Now I’m looking to step into something a little more precise with out breaking the bank, any suggestions?
  16. King_beardsly

    109 Hybrids for dasher

    Has anyone messed around with the 109 hybrids? I was thinking of giving them a shot in my dasher but wanted to see if anyone had feedback on them compared to the 105 hybrids.
  17. King_beardsly

    ISO Giraud trimmer

    I’m looking for a Giraud trimmer with out the crazy lead time and a decent price.
  18. King_beardsly

    Giraud Trimmer

    Anyone have experience with the Giraud Power Case Trimmer, I’m toying around with getting one to save me time and streamline case prep that I’ve been neglecting after becoming a dad. I also saw the gracey trimmer that’s a few dollars cheaper but I’m really not sure about it.
  19. King_beardsly

    Red dot or LPVO on 16” 308

    I’m playing around with building a range/SHTF toy based around a 16” 308. Now do I want to run a red dot like a MRO with possible magnifier or a LPVO in the 1-6 range? Also at what distance do you zero a red dot on a 308, is it like 556 where your gonna do a shorter zero distance?
  20. King_beardsly

    Shooters world precision dasher load data

    I’m not sure if this has be asked before but does anyone have experience with precision from shooters world and a what a good starting point is? I know what to do with varget, but since that’s currently harder to find then hens teeth I figured I’d try precision since they are supposed to be very...