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  1. Birddog6424

    I got my stick out. Let's beat a dead horse . Long range Optics choices?

    Haha, this ^^^ No one should have posted after this one...
  2. Birddog6424

    22 creedmoor

    I've already done the jacket separation gig. At 3170fps and a hot day, its a bullet poppin' fool 🤣 I dont think it'll have jacket issues at the speeds I'm running it now.
  3. Birddog6424

    22 creedmoor

    Thats a 26" Hawk Hill 7" twist MTU. I'm curious to see if it will reasonably shoot 1500 to 2000 rounds using the H1000. Had a long chat with Scott Satterlee over dinner at the last NRL match. Collected all his thoughts on long freebore and barrel wear. He's getting 2500 to 2800 rounds from a 6...
  4. Birddog6424

    22 creedmoor

    At 750 rounds in now. Ive only lost .006 off the lands. I bumped the freebore out to .250" so I could get that long ass 1.288" 95gr SMK seated above the shoulder juncture. Its shooting really well jumping .110" over H1000. Anyone have any feedback on barrel life in PRS usage? Thats what I'm...
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    Lrhs vs Mark 5hd

    I think the LRHS is a solid optic at its price point. The glass doesn't blow your skirt up, but its good for what you pay and its well up to the task. They are boringly reliable and durable. One of my favorite Bushnells.
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    Bag For Small Ports

    The BLAMM Power Wedge mounts right to your arca rail and allows you to use as much or as little as you need.
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    Rifle Balance. What is it?

    I think it would be premature of me to list them out at this point. They are still being discussed and voted on by the MDs. But they are simple, make sense changes. I'm pretty sure they will pass.
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    Rifle Balance. What is it?

    For every guy like you, there's a guy like me. I dont believe weight restrictions should exist in Open class. Its Open class, anything goes. Let's not become a sport of rules and regulations and go tumbling down the USPSA rabbit hole. We just voted on five new rules for the PRS Rule Book for...
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    ZCO 527 long term review

    Great optic.. Very good review.
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    22 Creedmoor w/95gr SMKs

    I'm running this in a 7" twist Hawk Hill, but the jackets are failing in the 3130fps range. Im currently running at 3060fps and they are doing fine using a .300 BC. I'm curious if anyone is running these in a 7.5" twist and have a confirmed BC on them. Technically that twist is too slow to...
  11. Birddog6424

    Curtis axiom Rail torque specs

    He's a little slow to respond. Much better than he used to be though, so maybe you'll hear back in a timely manner. But the above advice is good. Both myself and my shooting partner who have five Axioms between us use this method.
  12. Birddog6424

    Curtis axiom Rail torque specs

    ^^^ This.. Blue Loctite, not red.
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    New Leupold Reticle

    Its definitely pretty hard these days to come up with something new and original. There are so many good reticles out there. This one is too open for me. It seems like every time I use the grid I'm holding off in space somewhere trying to line up the lines to the side, above or below. I like a...
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    New Athlon Cronus

    Never commit to a date in this industry. Vague is your friend ;)
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    Another which scope should I get thread!!!

    I'm a huge fan of ZCO in the alpha optics line up. They just hit on all cylinders for me. Honorable mentions are the Steiner M7Xi, and the S&B PMII.
  16. Birddog6424

    Burris RT-25 5-25×56

    Looking forward to seeing the full review.. I'm borrowing this scope for a PRS match this weekend. I'm dropping it on one of my back up rifles that I have chambered in 22 Creedmoor. Its a Curtis Axiom action, Hawk Hill 26" MTU barrel in an XLR Industries chassis. I shoot the .306 BC 95gr SMK at...
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    Preferred Middle-Upper Tier Optics

    Two things I've had issues with in the Cronus turrets. They were either mushy with very little tactile feel. Or something else not even close. Inconsistency seems odd. You would think they would also at least be somewhat similar. At one point I had 6 or 7 different XTRIIs. Every turret was...
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    Preferred Middle-Upper Tier Optics

    I've never seen a Delta Stryker in the wild. I like the XRS2, I think that's a very good option, they are often boringly reliable. I like the Bushnell stuff. The XTR3 has a very forgiving eyebox and depth of view, as many people have posted, so you don't have to take my word for it. It also...
  19. Birddog6424

    Burris RT-25 5-25×56

    It really is an honest review though, both good and bad. The new RT Long Range is good value for the money. Everyone who looked through it and played with it was impressed. My buddy bought it for his 223 Trainer, it has the same reticle as his XTR3, so he's very happy with it. By all means...
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    Burris RT-25 5-25×56

    I got to spend some time with the new Burris RT Long Range RT25 yesterday. A buddy of mine bought one a couple weeks ago for his CZ455. We shot an NRL22 match together and then spent some time after making comparisons. I'm impressed. It has some drawbacks, its a $700 MAP optic. I think he paid...