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    Where you at Rudy...

    wasnt rudy supposed to drop some info this morning?
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    BLM, NAACP, all of them should be all over this...

    rich ass politically connected whitey Hunter gets off scott free... poor blackman gets the knee to the neck, but rich politician gets hidden out and protected
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    lookie what i got

    im going to call it the armory. ill see what the pressure washer does to it, hopefully it will be good enough for a quicky paint job. i ll set up the reloading equiptment you all gave me, i cant wait. ill put it somewhere under a tree, i think i want to make it resemble as it it came from the...
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    The Storm is coming ashore...

    keep safe folks
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    did you see the fly on Mikes head...

    oh man, it was like staring at a wart
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    i think boggie brown has taken a direct hit from the damn storm

    i spoke to him a week ago but that means nothing with this storm, any one heard from him?
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    ive got to buy a skid steer... i have 2 new holland lx885, great machines but worn out, actually one is down and to fix it may be stupid. the kubota ssv 65 vs the 75... may i have your opinion please
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    a silly thought.

    as obama basically pardoned and invited bomb making boy to the white house, why couldnt stud #1 in charge do it for Kyle. that would be some piss to someones wheeties
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    welp, going into firewood season and,,,

    my buddy goes ahead and runs over my fire barrel... fuckin guy wasnt even drinkin. i feel like i lost a friend, ive had it since 96
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    Synthetic engine oils???

    yes or no? is there a best? and your overall opinion please
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    for the love of god, take your fucking mask off lady

    dang man, what do these dumb fucks think, i cant fucking hear you. and im not going out of my way to learn a new way to communicate. crazy accent, women voice on 2, fuck off
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    super bragging time...

    i couldnt pick my son up today and bring him back to the nursery, wanna know why??? he snagged a job selling christmas trees, super great. he is 16 a junior in HS and guess how much dough he earned this week so far... homeboy is at 1300 bucks and its still noon, HA. a chip of the old block i...
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    we ditched cable, i need an antenna, your advise please

    we had two separate accounts for two buildings on the property and that shit was over 400 a month, fuck them assholes, i really dont watch tv none. but i do want some local news. refer me to an antenna, dudes
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    the stud got his welding certification today good job again man
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    a few times a month i have people come into our shop and ask for moneys or goods for donation to their charity. many foster homes for kids, many old folks homes and just a shit load of others. most, i believe are scams. most i believe, will pay their salarys and cars and give minimums to their...
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    sakes alive tampa bay

    slow the h down or what ever the fuck you are doing stop, all day long so far the fire company has been out. be safe dudes
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    david hogg?????

    wut up? where is the little scumbag? has he lost his political heft?
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    Bogie brown...

    Homeboy has been working alot. lets give him a shout out. keep kickin ass dude
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    whens it get cold out, so i can complain about how cold it is

    damn its fucking hot
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    HAPPY FOURTH of JULY, DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we wish you all the best, be safe... constitution first.